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78 Best Affiliate Programs For Making Recurring Revenue (2023)

Discover the best affiliate programs for recurring commissions. In this ultimate guide you'll learn more about 70+ of the best recurring affiliate programs.

Navid Moazzez
Navid Moazzez
19 min read

Table of Contents

So you’re looking for the best affiliate programs for recurring commissions?

Well, you’re in luck!

These are 78 of the best affiliate programs out there on the internet (I made sure of it).

Not all affiliate programs are created equal (soon you’ll find out why) but there are a ton of great ones out there.

But before we dive in, a full disclaimer: I’m an affiliate for some of these products, and that means I’ll make a commission when you sign up through my affiliate links. But don’t worry, there’s no extra cost to you.

On top of that, I might even get paid when you sign up directly for their affiliate program.

For example, if you sign up for ClickFunnels’ recurring commissions affiliate program through my link, I’ll make 5% on all of YOUR affiliate sales...for life.

This means that when your customers buy a product, YOU’ll make up to 40% and I’ll make 5%!

Not a bad deal if you ask me.

But that’s just the tip of the affiliate iceberg — there’s a lot more to learn.

This guide covers 47 of the best affiliate programs for recurring commissions and I included a table of contents below.

Feel free to jump around to the sections that most interest you.

Let’s dig in!

What Is A Recurring Affiliate Program?

I could’ve gotten fancy with my own definition, but I figured why not just go straight to the source?

A recurring affiliate program is one that pays you commissions for everything your customers buy.

For example, if you get someone into the funnel with a low-price product, you’ll also get paid when they buy a higher-price product later.

Some affiliate programs have time limits to this, but others (like ClickFunnels) are for life.

These are called “lifetime recurring affiliate programs,” and they’re usually the best ones.

Who doesn’t like getting paid for life?

Why Affiliate Programs With A Recurring Commission?

There are some obvious benefits to recurring commission affiliate programs.

As time goes on and your customers buy more, you keep getting paid.

Another benefit is that you won’t have to spend as much money, time, and effort getting them into the funnel in the first place.

Instead of fighting tooth and nail to get someone to buy an expensive product, you can just hook them with an entry-level deal.

For example, let’s say you want to run FB Ads to Russell Brunson’sClickFunnelsfunnel.

He has plenty of Free + Shipping books like Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets to use as hook offers.

Once they opt-in, a custom tracking cookie will link them to your affiliate account.

According toClickFunnelspolicies, you’ll only make one of dollar commissions on the book, but…

You’ll make 40% on everything else that customer buys...for life! (and Russell has a ton of high-ticket courses and software for upsells).

Are you catching my drift?

Affiliates love recurring commissions because NUMBER 1 it’s easier to get people in the door and NUMBER 2 you keep getting paid over time (sometimes indefinitely).

Companies love recurring commissions because it means extra sales that they otherwise wouldn’t be getting.

It’s what we call a “MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL RELATIONSHIP” and it’s one of the best ways for everyone involved to make more money online.

Possible Downsides of Recurring Commissions

As awesome as recurring commissions are, there are a few potential downsides to consider.

For one, it can be nice to sell higher-priced products as part of a regular affiliate program.

This way you’ll get to cash out with a single MASSIVE one-time commission right away.

I did this with my first virtual summit by selling Ramit Sethi’s info course and made $40k in affiliate sales in one month alone.

Recurring affiliate programs only work with businesses that have high customer retention, otherwise, they’ll unsubscribe before you have a chance to make a decent ROI.

Overall though, I think you’ll find that recurring affiliate programs are the way to go.

They allow you to stack passive income on relative auto-pilot, and as long as you target qualified leads and pick winning companies, they should stay subscribed and the commissions will keep rolling in.

What Are The Best Recurring Affiliate Programs?

I've divided the best recurring affiliate programs into different categories, so it's easy to find what you're looking for.

Let's dive right in...

Best Affiliate Programs For Marketing Automation

Your competitors have a process for turning leads into buyers.


ConvertKit is not only one of the easiest recurring affiliate programs to get started with, it’s also one of the easiest email autoresponders to use for beginners.

This means that when you refer new subscribers they’ll be more likely to stay subscribed.

Convertkit also supplies their affiliate partners with a range of creative banners and images for promotions.

All affiliates make 30% recurring commissions.


ActiveCampaign is one of the best affiliate programs because it has a quality product and a stellar customer service record.

One downside, however, is that it can be hard for beginners to get used to the platform.

This means that you’ll have to target the right leads that are a great match.

ActiveCampaign’s affiliate program is tiered, which means the more you sell, the more you make:

  • Silver Tier: 20% commission (where everyone starts)
  • Gold Tier: 25% commission ($500 worth of active accounts or $100 of new business in the last 3 months)
  • Platinum Tier: $2,000 worth of active accounts or $500 of new business in the last 3 months


When you sign up for MailerLite’s recurring affiliate program, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link that you can use to monitor your sales and signups from your affiliate dashboard.

Their affiliate team provides plenty of promotional materials and dedicated support.

Best Affiliate Programs - Mailer Lite

Once you’ve made at least $120 in commission you can request your first payout.

All affiliates make 30% recurring commissions.


Aweber is an email service provider that targets entrepreneurs and small businesses.

They supply their affiliates with easy-to-reprint promotional content and plenty of support through their Affiliate Newsletter, and sale stats.

They even send out an email notice every time you make a sale.

All affiliates make 30% recurring commissions.


GetResponse has one of the best affiliate programs in terms of flexibility.

They pay their affiliates every month and have some of the best affiliate support out there.

But their coolest feature is that they let you choose between the Affiliate Bounty Program (one-time commissions of $100 per sign-up) or the Affiliate Recurring Program (33% recurring commissions).

Best Affiliate Programs - GetResponse


Drip specifically recruits two types of people for affiliate partnerships:

  1. Marketing agents
  2. Software creators
Best Affiliate Programs - Drip

They like marketing agents because they can sell Drip directly to their clients, and prefer software creators because they can form integration partnerships.

All affiliates make 30% recurring commissions.


SendLane has three different types of affiliate partners:

  • SaaS creators
  • Regular affiliate partners
  • Agency partners

...with specific marketing materials for each.

All affiliates make 30% recurring commissions.


Ontraport relied entirely on word-of-mouth referrals for their first eight years of doing business.

That’s a great sign for affiliates, because it means they have a quality product that people vouch for naturally.

A huge bonus is that they do WEEKLY commission payouts and there’s unlimited earning potential with no caps on commissions

All affiliates earn 25% recurring commissions.


BenchMark is an autoresponder that specializes in creating responsive marketing campaigns for small businesses.

They supply their affiliates with customizable ads and promotional videos and you can always check you sales stats in the affiliate area.

All affiliates make 25% recurring commissions.


SendLoop is an email service provider that has a range of plans for everyone from small businesses to large companies.

All affiliates make 10% recurring commissions.

Active Trail

Active Trail provides marketing automation solutions.

They accept all types of affiliates but they prefer to work with current Active Trail customers.

Active Trial has a dedicated affiliate support team.

All affiliates make 15% recurring commissions.

Market Hero

Market Hero focuses on serving Shopify users and other ecommerce sellers, so if you’re in the ecommerce niche it can be a great affiliate program for you.

On a similar note, their software integrates directly with SamCart,ClickFunnels, and LeadPages, making Market Hero an excellent addition if you already promote these companies.

All affiliates make a 50% one-time commission (not recurring).


Automizy is an AI-powered autoresponder that specializes in split testing and automatization.

All affiliates make 90% one-time commissions on the first month followed by 40% recurring commissions on all renewals.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is an automated outreach and influencer marketing tool for massive outreach (but it works great for small projects too).

If you have a platform in the digital marketing space this can be a great tool to add to your arsenal of affiliate products.

Best Affiliate Programs - Ninja Outreach

Users have four subscription plans to choose from and every user is billed annually (this means bigger individual payouts for you).

All affiliates make 20% recurring commissions.

Best Affiliate Programs For Landing Pages / Sales Funnels


In my honest opinion, ClickFunnels has one of the best affiliate programs of all time.

One huge advantage is the amount of promotional material that Russel has and how amazing he is at selling.

Once you get someone in the funnel, he does a lot of the work for you.

Another big advantage is his Free + Shipping book offers, which allow you to get people into the funnel with little resistance.

They also have endless info products as upsells and the entry-levelClickFunnelssubscription of $97/month.

Affiliates make a minimum of $38/month per active subscriber.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • It’s a two-tiered system (you get paid for referring new customers and for referring new affiliate partners)
  • Up to 40% recurring commissions on all products
  • 5% recurring commissions on all the sales that your affiliates’ customers make


LeadPages is a classic landing page builder with a wide range of professional templates.

Best Affiliate Programs - LeadPages

It can be a great lead-capturing solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and they do a great job of providing education and support to new customers.

All affiliates make 30% recurring commissions.


Instapage is a landing page builder that specializes in converting leads from digital ads.

They provide their affiliates with promotional materials and a dedicated affiliate manager.

Another bonus is that they issue weekly payouts.

All affiliates make 50% commissions on the initial purchase and then 30% recurring on all further subscription payments.


Wishpond is a complete marketing automation platform for building landing pages, creating pop-ups, and running promotional contests.

In my opinion, WishPond is one of the best affiliate programs when it comes to the support they provide their affiliates.

You’ll find loads of affiliate landing pages and training materials at their WishPond Academy.

All affiliates make 30% recurring revenue.


Ladingi is a landing page builder for non-programmers that comes endorsed by the one-and-only Neil Patel.

Best Affiliate Programs Ladingi Neil-Patel

There are some pretty unique things you need to know about their affiliate program.

For one, they pay you immediately whenever your balance exceeds $35 in commissions.

Their payout options are also pretty interesting:

  • 30% recurring commissions


  • 15% recurring commissions and pass 15% savings onto your customers

Best Affiliate Programs for WordPress Themes

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes makes a whole collection of software for building and optimizing websites, including WordPress themes, a page builder (Thrive Architect), and lead generation tool (Thrive Leads).

Customers can buy their products individually or access the entire suite for $19-$69 a month depending on the package.

All affiliates make 35% commission on the initial purchase and 25% recurring commissions after that.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes builds premium WordPress themes and earns high customer satisfaction rates.

They have some of the most widely-used themes in the world, including Divi.

All affiliates make 50% one-time commissions on every sale (including yearly renewals).

Premium Coding Themes

Premium Coding Themes is a WordPress themes company with an affiliate program that’s comparable to Elegant Themes.

All affiliates make between 40% and 50% recurring commissions depending on how many total customers they’ve brought in.

Best Affiliate Programs for Shopping Carts


SamCart is an ecommerce software for businesses that sell one main product.

It creates page for showcasing your product and accepting orders.

Each affiliate gets a dedicated affiliate manager and monthly promotional content.

All affiliates make 40% recurring commissions.


PayKickstart is a powerful shopping cart and affiliate management software.

They supply a lot of high quality promotional material, including pre-recorded webinars, a bootcamp, and a Free + Shipping offer.

Unfortunately, they don’t accept just anyone into their affiliate program and you’ll have to get on the phone with a representative first.

They also don’t openly disclose how much they pay their affiliates, although we know that it’s a recurring plan and that they make payouts every 30 days.


Kartra is an all-in-one platform for building landing pages, setting up checkout carts, and managing lead generation.

When it comes to payment platforms, Kartra has one of the best affiliate programs out there.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs Kartra

Their affiliate program (the JV Broker Network) has a great community of affiliates to connect with and there’s also a dedicated affiliate support team.

All affiliates make 40% recurring commissions.

On top of that, you can get 10% recurring commissions on all the sales generated by affiliates you've recruited (2nd tier JV partner).

Best Affiliate Programs for Membership Sites/Online Courses


Teachable is a great platform for creating and selling beautifully-designed online courses.

They supply their affiliates with fully split-tested sales funnels that are all targeted at unique demographics.

Their affiliate tracking cookies last 90-days, so if someone clicks on your link they can wait up to 90 days to buy and you’ll still get paid.

All affiliates make 30% recurring commissions.


Thinkific is another solid online course platform.

It’s comparable to Teachable but in some ways is a little harder for total beginners to use.

Their customer service department gives priority to their affiliates so you’ll always be able to get ahold of someone for questions.

Like Teachable, they use a 90-day tracking cookie.

All affiliates make 20% recurring commissions (unfortunately, it’s limited to the first year of the customer’s lifecycle).


Memberium is a membership site plugin for WordPress that works with Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign.

It can help you protect your online course content and create membership sites with ease.

Affiliates can track their stats in the affiliate dashboard and access banner ads, marketing resources and more.

All affiliates make 10% recurring commissions.


MemberPress is another all-in-one WordPress plugin for setting up a membership site.

They use a 60-day tracking cookie so even if the customer takes two months to buy you’ll still get credit for the referral.

All affiliates make a 24% one-time commission.


MemberMouse is a membership site plugin for WordPress that allows you to sell products and subscriptions in a password-protected membership area.

They supply their affiliates with banner ads and text links to help with promotions.

All affiliates make 25% recurring commissions for the first year (no lifetime commissions).

Best Affiliate Programs for SEO


SEMrush arguably has the best affiliate marketing program out of all the SEO/keyword research tools.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs SEMRush

They provide their affiliates with tons of marketing material for all sorts of different channels along with a direct line to their affiliate support team.

All affiliates make 40% recurring commissions and they offer flexible payout options.

LongTail Pro

LongTail Pro is a keyword research tool that was originally created by the guys at Niche Pursuits before they sold it a few years ago.

Their affiliate resources are pretty sparse, but the tool itself is a quality product and does a great job of retaining subscribers.

All affiliates make 30% recurring commissions.


SerpStat is another all-in-one SEO tool for keyword research, backlink research, and website analysis.

You can track and monitor your affiliate earnings in the SerpStat affiliate dashboard.

If you have a SerpStat subscription, they allow you to pay for it with your earnings at a 1.5x multiple. In other words, $50 in commissions is worth $75 when you use it to pay for your SerpStat subscription.

Affiliates make up to 30% recurring commissions.


ClickMagick is an easy-to-use click tracking tool that shows you exactly where your users are clicking so you can optimize your landing pages and forms.

In my opinion, ClickMagick has one of the best affiliate programs... period, because it delivers such high payouts (plus it has high customer retention).

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs ClickMagick

Payouts are made not monthly...not weekly...but DAILY right into your PayPal account.

All affiliates make 35% recurring commissions


Improvely tracks link activity and comes with a built-in click fraud identification feature.

They supply their affiliates with banner ads and text links in many sizes and make instant monthly payouts.

All affiliates make 50% commissions on first payment and 10% recurring revenue for the first year (not lifetime). tracks clicks across affiliate links, social media accounts and marketing campaigns.

All affiliates make 30% recurring lifetime commissions.

Best Affiliate Programs for Social Media Management


Tailwind is the leading scheduling and optimization tool for Pinterest and Instagram.

They provide their affiliates with fast-response chat support and dozens of pre-made promotional materials like screenshots, text, and banner ads.

Tailwind uses a 90-day tracking cookie so you get paid even if the customer waits three months to buy.

All affiliates make 15% recurring commissions.

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule all of your social media posts from a single platform.

Their payouts happen once every quarter as long as your commissions are over $500.

They don’t allow their affiliates to use monetized ads and if they catch you they’ll cancel your account.

All affiliates make 20% recurring commissions.


SocialOomph is a post scheduling tool that helps teams schedule all of their social media posts AND blog posts from a single platform.

Although their affiliate resources aren’t that great, they do have discount coupons that you can use to hook customers.

All affiliates make 40% recurring commissions for the first year (not lifetime).

Best Affiliate Programs For Web Hosting

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a fully-managed website hosting solution that guarantees ultra-fast load times and 100% up times.

Their affiliate program has dedicated account managers, quarterly newsletters and a full collection of promotional material.

Liquid Web average commission payout is $230 per sale.

In fact, you can make up to $5,000 on a single sale (this is not a recurring program).


Kinsta offers premium managed Wordpress hosting for businesses of all sizes.

They have an ultra-low 5% churn rate so the customers you bring in are very likely to stick around.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs Kinsta

Affiliates earn a $50-$500 signup bonus for each new subscriber and then 10% recurring commissions after that.

WP Engine

WP Engine provides fast, reliable, and secure managed WordPress hosting.

In addition to their high-ticket hosting services you can sell their premium StudioPress themes.

Affiliates earn a minimum $200 commissions on every WP Engines sale and 35% on all StudioPress theme sales (this is not a recurring affiliate program).

Best Affiliate Programs for Graphic Design

Design Pickle

Design Pickle is where you go to find the perfect graphic designer in just a few clicks.

They don’t just let anybody join their affiliate program — you need to have an active Design Pickle account and at least two months using the service.

All affiliates make a $100 one-time commission (not recurring).

Pic Monkey

Pic Monkey is an easy-to-use tool for creating social media ads, banners, cover photos, and more.

It’s only available as a yearly subscription, which means bigger single payouts for each sale.

All affiliates make 30% commissions for the initial sale and 15% recurring commissions on renewals and return customers.


Stencil specializes in creating high-converting images for social media marketers, bloggers, and small businesses.

They have a full-featured dashboard for tracking commissions and payouts are made monthly.

You’ll also have access to a dedicated affiliate liaison.

All affiliates make 30% recurring commissions.


Snappa is great tool for marketers and entrepreneurs to easily creating beautiful graphics (quite similar to Canva, but much easier and faster to use).

As a Snappa affiliate you'll earn a 30% commission on all sales generated for the life of the customer.

Other Top Recurring Affiliate Programs To Consider

Deadline Funnel (Urgency / Countdown Timers) - 33% recurring

EasyWebinar (Webinar Tools) - 30% recurring and 50% on up-sell conversions

Demio (Webinar Tools) - 30% lifetime commission for every referral

WebinarNinja (Webinar Tools) - 30% recurring

RightMessage (Website Personlization) - 20% recurring

Early Parrot (Referral Marketing) - 25% recurring - No public sign up form for affiliate program

UpViral (Viral Marketing) - 50% 1st month, then 30 recurring affiliate commissions

Viral Loops (Viral Marketing) - 30% recurring

Designrr (Ebook Creator) - 50% recurring affiliate commissions

Sumo (Email Marketing) - 30% recurring commissions

ConvertFlow (Popup Forms) - 30% recurring

Proof (Social Proof) - 30% recurring affiliate commissions

Tube Buddy (YouTube Tools) - 30-50% recurring affiliate commissions (based on referral volume)

VidiQ (YouTube Tools) - 20% recurring commissions

LiveChat (Live Chat) - 20% recurring

Olark (Live Chat) - 25% recurring

Crisp (Live Chat) - 20% recurring

Pure Chat (Live Chat) - 25-35% recurring (based on referral volume)

Live Agent (Live Chat) - 20% recurring

LeadDyno (Affiliate Management) - 20% recurring commissions

Post Affiliate Pro (Affiliate Management) - 20% recurring

Tapfiliate (Affiliate Management) - 20% recurring

Clicky (Web Analytics) - 20% recurring

BuilderAll (IM Platform) - 100% 1st month; 30% recurring; 100 active sales = Dreamcar

Time Doctor (Time Tracking) - 30% recurring

Rescue Time (Time Tracking) - 15% recurring

HideMyAss (VPN) - 100% 1st month, then 30-35% recurring affiliate commissions

Nord VPN (VPN) - 100% 1st month, then 30% recurring affiliate commissions

Pure VPN (VPN) - 100% 1st month, then 35% recurring affiliate commissions

TorGuard (VPN) - 30% recurring commissions

Zen Mate (VPN) - 100% 1st month, then 35% recurring affiliate commissions

10 Ways To Promote Recurring Affiliate Programs

There are quite a few ways to leverage your current business/online presence to promote your affiliate programs.

In general, there are a few important points to remember:

For starters, only recommend products that are congruent with the needs of your audience.

If it doesn’t offer value, don’t promote it (even if it pays 90% commissions).

At the same time, it’s important to limit the amount of products you’re promoting at any given time.

Instead, pick just a few that you know can seriously help your audience grow their business.

On the same note, avoid promoting overly similar products because they’ll compete with each other in the minds of your audience.

It’s better to suggest only one product for each type of problem that your audience faces.

Keeping these things in mind, here are some of the best strategies for promoting affiliate programs:

1. Virtual Summits

Virtual summits are one of the best ways to promote your own personal brand, build an email list, and sell your own products, but they can also be a great platform to sell affiliate products off the back end.

I use this strategy when I host my own virtual conferences, and sometimes I make more money from affiliate sales than I do from all-access passes.

The key is to promote products that are in-line with the event and the needs of your audience.

2. Demos and Video Tutorials On YouTube

Posting video tutorials and product reviews on YouTube is one of the more effective ways to become a leading affiliate.

Videos get more engagement than other mediums and a well-explained demo can paint a clear picture of what the tool can do.

They can be especially effective for assuring people that they’ll be able to use the tool without getting overwhelmed.

3. Incorporate Affiliate Products Into Existing Blog Posts

You have an advantage if you already have blog content on topics that are related to your affiliate products.

For example, if you have an article on how to start a blog, you can incorporate software recommendations for autoresponders, page builders, and marketing tools like RightMessage or Funnelytics.

4. Write Original Product Reviews

In-depth product reviews are another excellent marketing strategy.

I have plenty of epic product reviews on my personal brand blog:

Take screenshots, explain step-by-step how each feature works, and give an honest, objective advice (this means sharing the bad stuff as well as the good).

If you write genuinely honest reviews and target the right keywords, these articles can be really effective.

5. Case Studies

Case studies and testimonials are one of the fastest, most efficient ways to convince people to buy.

If you know anyone who has had massive success with the product you’re promoting, ask if they’d be willing to tell their story.

You can incorporate these case studies into existing blog articles, in-depth reviews, and emails.

6. Email Marketing Automation

If you have an onboarding sequence that you send out to all your new subscribers, consider incorporating your affiliate products in them.

You can do the same thing with your weekly newsletter and any other messages you regularly send out.

7. Resources Page

I have a resource page where I list all of my favorite products.

When people see that you’re successful they naturally want to know what tools you use, and a resource page is the perfect way to promote them.

I’m not an affiliate for all the products and services on my resource page, but it does include several affiliate links.

8. Offer Exclusive Bonus Deals To Your Audience

You can always sweeten the deal with your own bonus offers.

For example, I offer my Epic Bonus Experiences along with several of theClickFunnelsproducts I promote.

This strategy becomes especially necessary when other top-ranking affiliates are running similar offers.

By offering even better deals, you can beat the competition.

9. Online Course/Coaching

Certain software has a pretty steep learning curve, especially for non-tech people.

If the affiliate product you’re promoting is a bit on the complex side, it can be worth it to create a short online course about how to use it.

You can also offer group coaching calls where people can ask questions about the product.

The more comfortable your customers are with the product, they more likely they’ll be to stay subscribed (which means more recurring affiliate commissions for you).

10. Services

If you do marketing, SEO, or lead generation for small businesses, you can suggest certain products as an add-on service to your clients...and then leverage the tools on their behalf.

For example, you can offer to run Facebook Ads if they pay for theClickFunnelssubscription.

Over time, you can phase yourself out and continue earning commissions from their subscription.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Summary

Thanks for taking the time to check out this epic guide and review of the best affiliate programs for recurring commissions.

These are some of the best affiliate programs out there, but it’s important to keep in mind that not all of them will be a good fit for your audience.

Pairing the right products with compatible leads is the most important piece of the puzzle.

After all, the best affiliate programs are based on monthly subscriptions, so you should only target people who you think will stay subscribed for awhile.

Build a genuine relationship with your audience.

Over time, they’ll grow to trust your advice and you’ll be able to build a nice little side income (some people even turn it into a full-time career).

Now get out there and sell!

Out of all the best affiliate programs in this epic guide, which ones are your top three?

Let me know in the comments below.

💼 Business💰 Money

Navid Moazzez Twitter

Navid Moazzez is a law school dropout turned lifestyle entrepreneur, creator, online marketing expert, investor, digital nomad and global citizen. Now he's teaching you all his best secrets.

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