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My Epic Business & Lifestyle Review (Quarter 1 - 2015)

Welcome to Navid Moazzez's first quarterly Epic Business & Lifestyle Review, the insights and adventures of a lifestyle entrepreneur.

Navid Moazzez
Navid Moazzez
30 min read

Table of Contents

Welcome to my first quarterly Business & Lifestyle Review.

My 2014 yearly review was very well received, so I thought I would start doing these on a regular basis.

Each quarter I'm going to write a very detailed review of the previous quarter (maybe I'll do them monthly if I get enough comments, social shares and and emails about it).

I do this not only to help me track my own progress, but I want to be as transparent as possible about what's going on in my business and life. I want to lead by example by showing you what's working for me, and what's not - both in business and when it comes to my lifestyle/traveling. And I do all this by telling stories in writing, photos and video.

Each quarter I'm going to review how I did when it came to achieving the previous quarterly goals both in business and my personal life.

In each quarterly report I'll cover the following topics:

  • Did I hit my quarterly goals?
  • Lessons learned during this quarter
  • Revenue/expenses (full breakdown of revenue/expenses is coming in future reviews)
  • Lifestyle design & travel check
  • Plans for next quarter
  • Other things worth mentioning

Inspiration for doing this review comes from my friends Greg Hickman, John Lee Dumas and the man who started it all, Pat Flynn. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Without further ado, let's get into my first ever Business and Lifestyle Review for quarter 1, 2015. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Warning! This is a 7700 word in-depth blog post covering everything I've done for the past 3 months, the lessons I learned and goals for next quarter, mixed with text, a lot of photos and some videos. Enjoy, and do let me know what you think in the comments please!

Did I Hit My Goals For Q1?

My 7 goals for Q1 were:

  1. Move abroad and leave Sweden behind for good
  2. Kick off my Virtual Summit Mastery pilot program
  3. Create my 7 Steps Cheat Sheet Optin Offer
  4. Launch The WP Summit and The Movement Marketing Summit
  5. Get three new high-end coaching clients to help them create successful virtual summits
  6. Do an awesome promo for Ramit Sethi and Selena Soo
  7. Get featured on podcasts and get major press

1. Move abroad and leave Sweden behind for good

All I can say is that I crushed this goal. I actually left Sweden back in December 2014 when I went to Thailand with my family, but I decided to not stay there for more than 3 weeks. Instead, I went back to a very cold Stockholm, and only a few days later I left for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and my adventure began.

I can honestly say that I was very nervous about all this. I had many questions going on inside my head.

Would I be able to run my business on the road? Would my money last or would I run out of cash? Would I continue making good money online? Etc etc. This list goes on and on...

But I'm glad I just did it anyway... together with pushing through and getting my virtual summit out there end of 2014, moving abroad is the best decision I've ever made in my life.

In fact, I'm making way more money than when I was living in "safe" Sweden. I'm living my dream now while taking my business and life to the next level. I'm actually never going back to Sweden to live there in the future... 28 years was enough, now I'm enjoying myself so much more. It's hard to explain, but this is what I always dreamed of, living an unconventional extraordinary life.

Was the 18 hour days I put in for 18 months worth it? Of course! Is it for everyone? Probably not, but it worked for me!

More about my exciting adventures living abroad under "Lifestyle Design & Travel Check" below.

2. Kick off my Virtual Summit Mastery Pilot Program

I managed to launch the pilot of my Virtual Summit Mastery program. I've very happy about that and that I got the membership area set up by my awesome designer Gion-Per.

VSM Membership area

I have the first module completed and some bonus content added. My intention was to have even more modules recorded by now, but it took a bit longer to plan out than I first thought.

Now all the modules are planned out, and I basically just have to get all the slides done and record.

What I'm most proud over is the community I've built. We have a very engaged, supportive group of people in my private Facebook group for the Virtual Summit Mastery program. I've very happy to have some some more advanced people in the group as well like Roger Deveau who is adding a ton of value to everyone in there. We also did an exclusive bonus interview which you can find inside the members area when you join the program.

Note From Navid (late 2018): We're now onto Virtual Summit Mastery 3.0. You can find more information about the Virtual Summit Mastery here.

Virtual Summit Mastery FB group
FB group engagement

3. Create my 7 steps cheat sheet optin offer

This was top priority to get done as soon as possible, and I finally got my cheat sheet created as a new optin offer that is super targeted to what I focus on right now which is helping people create successful virtual summits.

My designer Gion-Per created the awesome cover you can see below.

7 Steps Cheat Sheet

4. Launch The WP Summit and The Movement Marketing Summit

The Wp Summit

I helped my good friend Jan Koch create The WP Summit and it turned into a massive success for him.

The WP Summit reached 110+ countries and got major media coverage on the biggest WordPress blogs. In addition to that, Jan grew his email list by around 600% and generated a few 1,000 dollars in revenue.


Now Jan is seen as the go-to expert for WordPress and his business is taking off more and more.

The Movement Marketing Summit

I've also been working closely with Aj Amyx and Andy Zitzmann to help them create the Movement Marketing Summit.

It all kicked off April 8, and I'm so proud of what Aj and Az have created so far. It's the summit of 2015... with 50 elite entrepreneurs as speakers!


I also managed to get Aj and Az featured on Business Insider as a little bonus for being so awesome. Check it out here!

5. Get 3 new high-end coaching clients to help them create successful virtual summits

As much as I'm trying to move away from coaching, I like to do it because it's a great way to get amazing case studies for my business. And I love getting people results in their business and life.

Did I achieve my goal of getting 3 new high end coaching clients?


In fact, I got 5 new clients and I might take on a few more to get some great case studies. I don't have to do much to get clients anymore either. They just come to me, either through my list or referrals since they've seen the quality of my work and that I really care about my clients success more than anything.

6. Do an awesome promo for Ramit Sethi and Selena Soo

Ramit Sethi's Zero to Launch

I've been a proud affiliate for Ramit Sethi's products since July 2014, and I've had quite some success even when my audience was smaller, generating a few $1,000.

Worth mentioning here is that I also purchased his premium online business training, Zero to Launch ($2,000 investment), and I've had quite some success with using Ramit's proven system, especially for validating my Branding Summit, and pre-selling my Virtual Summit course.

Ramit ZTL

For the January launch, my list was around 3,500 people (I grew my list with close to 3,000 people from my summit, and some obviously unsubscribed as well after) and I was excited to see what would happen since I knew that my audience love Ramit's stuff already.

All I can say is that I crushed it, and this launch exceeded my wildest dreams.

I got 34 sales (and a few additional ones later on as well, not part of the initial promo) for Zero to Launch and a 7.67% conversion rate out of my 443 optins. Each sale generate $800-1400 for me, so you can do the math yourself!

That's just crazy to me... but it gets even better.

A week or so after the cart closed for ZTL, I receive an email from Ramit himself, and not his affiliate manager, Colleen (who I'm usually in contact with). He said that I won the grand affiliate prize of $7,500... I was blown away but very grateful of course considering that John Lee Dumas, Chris Ducker, Laura Roeder, John Corcoran and Ramit's own brother Maneesh Sethi promoted his launch, and they have much bigger audiences than I do.

First email communication ever with my virtual mentor Ramit Sethi, quite cool to be his #1 affiliate too!

First email communication ever with my virtual mentor Ramit Sethi, quite cool to be his #1 affiliate too!

Even though, I was drawn at random to win the cash prize, I kind of deserved it too, since I actually made the most sales out of all affiliates too.

I hope to do well for Ramit's next launch as well. But I have a lot to live up to if I want to top this January launch. We'll see how it goes...

Selena Soo's INFLUENCE

After the successful promotion for Ramit Sethi's Zero to Launch, I was excited to help my good friend Selena Soo, to get the word out there about her new course, INFLUENCE: Turn People You Admire Into Friends, Mentors, And Clients.


I'm happy to say that I crushed it with the promotion for her program too. YES, I became the #1 affiliate when it comes to sales, and I believe I was #2 when it comes to actual leads. Not too bad to do that well for two promotions in a row!

In order to get the most out of the promotion I did something by creating a bonus page for Selena's INFLUENCE.

This promotion alone will bring in close to $8,500, and maybe even more later on since people that bought INFLUENCE are tagged and can potentially purchase GKGC as well.

Business Insider

Let's start with something crazy that happened beginning of February.

I was featured on Business Insider, thanks to my good friend Primoz Bozic.

But it was just a regular story on BI. It went completely VIRAL. To this date, it has close to 135,000 views, and even more around the world since it spread to Croatia, Serbia, Israel etc.

Business Insider Feature

I got some great business from this feature almost instantly, and I was able to grow my email list with almost 2,000 people from this feature on Business Insider alone.

Got over 1,000 sign ups in less than 24 hours, and now around 2000 in total from BI alone!

Got over 1,000 sign ups in less than 24 hours, and now around 2000 in total from BI alone!

My article on BI also got re-published on Yahoo Finance, which I'm pretty stoked about of course.

Joel Comm's Social Poetry 2

Thanks to Amber Vilhauer, I was featured in Joel Comm's Social Poetry 2, part of his Twitter Power 3.0 launch, which was pretty cool.

Here's a quote from my contribution:

Navid featured in Joel Comms Book

Podcast Interviews

Even though I haven't updated my own podcast or blog as frequently as I used to, doesn't mean I don't put out quality information that is available online for free.

Here's some of the recent podcast's I've been featured on talking about the power of virtual summits and sharing my story:

Virtual Summit Interviews

  • The Movement Marketing Summit
  • The WP Summit
  • Miracle Business Breakthrough

Lessons Learned During Quarter 1

It's not as hard as I thought to run my business from abroad. But it's not super easy either...

Let me explain.

I need to get into a perfect daily routine (see below under goals for next quarter). When I do that and get most of my things done in the morning, I'm so much more productive and get a lot done in my business, but also have time for some crazy adventures.

The hardest part for me in the beginning was that I always wanted to go out and explore the surroundings, and to be honest I didn't get that much work done as I wanted. But I also needed some time to reflect and relax since I had been working extremely hard for the last 18 months.

Now that I've been living abroad for a while, it's actually easier than when I was back in Sweden, mostly because I enjoy my life so much more, and have the freedom to live and work from anywhere in the world.

Don't plan too far in advance. You never know when something will happen that will change things up a bit. For me, that means not staying in San Diego two months as planned and moving to Cancun instead of going to Europe this summer. I don't mind it at all, since I can spend a lot of time with my girl, learn Spanish fluently and start taking Salsa classes.

You can make a lot of money as an affiliate if you do it the right way. I knew this already of course, but I had never experienced it myself like I outlined above. Pretty cool, and I hope to be able to take my affiliate partnerships to the next level in the future.

Set up your funnel and create systems in your business as soon as possible. I wish I would have done this earlier, but everything takes time, and now was the right moment. I'm moving from AWeber to Infusionsoft, in order to get a much better overview of my business and also be able to start automating some things eventually. Very excited about that!

Cashflow in your business is so important as an entrepreneur. As much as I like payment plans the more money I have on my account the better obviously. A big goal of mine is to generate as much cashflow as possible this year, so I can relax even more later when I have all the systems in place.

Revenue & Expenses (full breakdown is coming in future reviews)

I was going to do a full breakdown already in this review of my first 18 months since I started out online mid June 2013, in addition to my first 3 months this year, but I need to sit down with my accountant to make it more valuable for you. You will see a big difference, and that things can turn around very quickly.

For now I'm going to tell you this. From mid June 2013 to October 2014, I made some money, but it was not even close enough to quit my part-time job or live the life I'm living now.

My Branding Summit generated little over $20k in November and December, and took my business and life to the next level.

What's even more interesting is what happened after the summit, when I finally moved abroad.

The first 3 months of this year I've made over $70k, which is amazing, but I put in the hard work up front, and now I'm reaping the benefits.

My business expenses are fairly low, around $2,500 for the first quarter this year. Even though I'm making more, I invest back in my business (I just got Infusionsoft for example), and try to save as much as I can as well.

Yes, I like living in a nice apartment with amazing ocean view and big swimming pool so I can do laps... that's not that cheap even in Mexico, but I'm willing to invest in that because it really helps me focus and I can grow my business faster by being able to wake up in paradise every morning.

I also do adventures from time to time (see below under Lifestyle Design & Travel Check), but that's part of being a lifestyle entrepreneur and something I really enjoy.

As I mentioned above, full breakdown is coming in future biz & lifestyle reviews, so stay tuned for that!

Note: Not all of this is actual cashflow in my business, but money I will get throughout the year since some are on monthly payment plans.

Lifestyle Design & Travel Check

I had a good time in Thailand with my family for 3 weeks over christmas and new years. Besides getting quite sick during my stay there, I really enjoyed it. But I didn't love it, so I decided to not stay there for that long but instead book a trip to Mexico which seemed way more my style.

So I went back to Stockholm for a short few days, and then I boarded my flight to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

My adventure officially began!

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas was amazing, and to make it even better I stayed at a 5 star resort called Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach... one of the best places I've stayed in my life (I found it on AirBnB for a pretty sweet deal!). If you're going to Los Cabos, consider staying there. The only downside is that it's a bit far from all the action, but it didn't bother me much.

Cabo Crib

Casa de Navid Moazzez. Just amazing place, I can't wait to go back to stay there again!

View from my terrace in Cabo San Lucas, just amazing!

View from my terrace in Cabo San Lucas, just amazing!

Skypool Pueblo Bonito

Infinity Skypool at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach!

Navid Cabo

Just enjoying my life in Cabo, amazing view!

I did so many adventures in Cabo and checked some things off my bucket list (which I should re-write very soon and post on my blog).

Here's a few things I did:

Dolphin Trainer for a day

I always had a dream of swimming with dolphins, but why not go all in and become a dolphin trainer for a day? That's exactly what I did and it was so awesome. I had a total blast.

Here's some photos from my experience:

Navid & Flipper
Navid dolphin
Navid dolphin ride
Navid Bird

Whale watching

I've seen whales before in Norway but not as close as during my whale watching tour in Cabo. Pretty cool experience and I saw some wild dolphins and sea lions as well.

Navid Whale Watch
Whale watching

Swimming with whale sharks

Ever since my younger brother passed away and I started my business, a common theme in my life has been that I'm not afraid of getting out of my comfort zone.

At first I didn't think I would ever swim with the biggest fish in the world... but I guess I tend to do some crazy things lately, and I actually enjoyed it quite a lot, and it was a very cool but different thing to experience.

You can swim with whale sharks from November-March in La Paz in Baja California Sur. It's about 2 hours from Cabo San Lucas by car, and there's tours like Cabo Adventures that will take you there, including an authentic Mexican lunch.

At one moment, I literally had 6-7 big whale sharks swimming around me. Just surreal, and the water in the Sea of Cortez is so salt, one of the saltiest seas in the world.

Here's some photos from my Whale Shark encounter in La Paz.

Navid Whale Sharks
Whale Sharks
Whale Shark mouth


Skydiving has always been one of the top items to do on my bucket list, but I wanted to wait for the right moment.

This is way out of my comfort zone, and of course I was afraid before I did it... but I'm so glad I just jumped because it was one of the best experiences of my life. I liked it so much that I'm doing it again together with my girl in Playa Del Carmen. It's going to be amazing... just like the Skydiving in Cabo!

Just watch the video below and enjoy the beautiful view and surroundings.


Flyboarding is so much fun. Ever since I came across this sport, i wanted to try it out.

Even though it's hard to get a hang of at first (it's kind of a mix of snowboarding and skateboarding, but still a very different feel), it was one of the coolest experiences of my life and I can't wait to do it again.

Flyboard dive

So what about my business?

Ok, I admit it. I actually didn't work that much in Cabo.

Did my business suffer? Not really! I actually made more money than ever before in January.

All in all I made over $40,000 in January alone, from coaching, pre-selling my virtual summit mastery pilot program and promoting Ramit Sethi's Zero to Launch. Not too bad for someone who was struggling just a few month ago ;)

After that first month, I felt way more relaxed about running my online business from anywhere in the world. I finally proved to myself (and doubters) that it's possible.

My good friend and fellow personal branding strategist, Reece Sims, also came to visit me for a few days to work on our businesses, which was pretty cool.

Navid Reece

Navid Reece1


I decided to move to Cancun for a few reasons, even though I heard some people say that it would be very touristy with lots of Americans and Canadians, and nothing close to the real, authentic Mexico.

First of all, I wanted to live by the beautiful turquoise blue Caribbean sea, and experience the amazing beaches Rivera Maya has to offer.

In the beginning that was all it was. I didn't enjoy as much at first, but then I started to like Cancun more and more. I met a beautiful girl and my friends came to visit, I got to see Tulum, Playa Del Carmen and the amazing surroundings. Just like paradise, and I was hooked!

My best friends came to visit

I've known my Serbian friends, Petar and Aleks for the last 11 years since I went to high school for one year in Akron, Ohio, and we are still super close today. It was so good to hang out with them in Cancun, and I can't wait to see them again in a cool location around the world.

Petar Aleks
Playa Delfines
Navid Petar

Los Angeles

LA was once the city of my dreams. Not so much anymore, but it's always cool to be back.

Last time I was in LA was for my younger brothers graduation (and he's unfortunately not with us anymore), so it brings back a lot of memories.

Navid Santa Monica Pier

Me at Santa Monica Pier!

LA is nice, but it's so damn overpriced, and a bit over hyped too in my opinion.

I stayed one night in Hermosa Beach and one night in Santa Monica. I paid close to 600 dollars for two nights there at a 3 star hotel... nothing special at all. I know that AirBnB is probably a better option in LA, but it was kind of spontaneous, so I decided to stay at hotel.

I met an avid follower and friend of my blog/podcast, René Von Gunten, aka the Swiss Nutrioneer, and spent a few hours with him in Santa Monica. He was also kind enough to pick me up from the airport, thanks! Good times!

Navid & Rene

I also met up with my old friend Katia who is working in the music industry... I've known here since 2006 during my high school years, so it was very cool to meet up with her in Hollywood hills at a sick place where you can see the famous Hollywood sign from their terrace.

After two "expensive" days and nights in LA, I took the train down to San Diego. Best train ride ever... just look at this view!

View from Train

View during my train ride from LA to SD!

San Diego

Social Media Marketing World

I arrived to San Diego in the afternoon, March 25, and after I went to the wrong hotel, I finally managed to check in to my hotel where I spent a few days together with my good friends and clients Aj Amyx and Andy Zitzmann.


The first night we went to the Social Media Marketing World kick off party, and we had a blast.

Navid SMMW15

I met many friends like John Lee Dumas, Kate Erickson, Sue B. Zimmerman, Andreea Matei, Andy Crestodina, Greg Hickman, Rick Mulready, Jill & Josh Stanton, Ryan Hanley, Martin Shervington, Ian Cleary and connected with many, many more amazing people.

Unfortunately I don't have photos with all of them, but below are a few at least...

JLD & Navid

Me together with the man, the myth, the legend, John Lee Dumas!

Navid SBZ

Me and the Instagram expert, Sue B. Zimmerman at #SMMW15



Podcast San Diego

Jared Easley of Starve the Doubts and co-founder of Podcast Movement, was kind enough to invite me to Podcast San Diego to give a quick talk and share my story in 10 minutes or so.

Navid Speaking PSD15

Giving a quick talk at Podcast San Diego! Photo credit (Including featured image): Kevin Le Vu,

This is my first live speaking opportunity ever... thanks to my good friend Megan of The Get In The Lab Podcast, for shooting this video during my talk.

Here's a few more photos from #PSD15. I was also glad that I got to meet my good friend Anthony Tran of the Marketing Access Pass.

Navid Megan

Me and my good friend Megan Pangan of The Get In The Lab Podcast!

PM15 Friends

Me, Az, Anthony Tran and Aj at PSD15... good times!

Moving to Pacific Beach

Initially I was actually going to live in San Diego for 2 months, but since my girlfriend lives in Cancun, I decided to move back end of April instead... and as much as I like San Diego, I actually think the Cancun area is way better, and closer to paradise than in SD . But that's just my personal opinion.

What's great about San Diego is that I have a lot of friends here, but I can always go to SD at least once per year.

With that being said, I'm currently living in Pacific Beach with my good friend Natalie Sisson, aka The Suitcase Entrepreneur and Catherine Newton, both are actually from New Zealand.

Celebrating Natalie Sisson's Birthday

What a great way to celebrate Natalie's birthday here in Pacific beach. Beautiful sunset from Tower23 as well!

Here's some photos from the evening and night out with good friends like Omar Zenhom and Nicole Baldinu of $100MBA, Natalie Sisson, Catherine Newton, Amy Schmittauer of Savvy Sexy Social and Chandler Bolt of Self-Publishing School:

Nat Birthday

Good times for Natalie Sisson's birthday!

Nat Birthday

Chandler Bolt came out to PB as well for the night!

Quarter 2 Goals

  1. Survey my audience
  2. Set up my funnel properly with Infusionsoft
  3. Finish recording my Virtual Summit Mastery program
  4. Finish slides for exclusive Virtual Summit Webinar
  5. Get sales page don for Virtual Summit Mastery
  6. Get 1-2 high end consulting clients I can use as case studies for Virtual Summits (most likely the last clients I take on for a while)
  7. Start writing on my book on how to create, promote and profit from a virtual summit
  8. Get featured on bigger podcasts and online publications
  9. Promote Natalie Sisson, Ramit Sethi and Selena Soo
  10. Create and complete my daily routine (and sticking to it)

1. Survey my audience

With my audience is growing faster, I really want to get some updates on how I can serve my followers better moving forward. The survey will also be a resource in validating future product launches, and see who in my audience that are interested in creating successful virtual summits in their niche.

I will achieve this goal by putting together a short survey using Survey Monkey or even Infusionsoft and send that out to my list. Maybe I will even offer an incentive for people who complete the survey, like a free coaching call or something similar.

This survey will be ready in the next week or so and sent to my list.

2. Set up my funnel properly will Infusionsoft

I should have set up my funnel long time ago the right way, but now that I'm moving from AWeber to Infusionsoft, I felt it was the perfect moment to start taking this seriously, especially considering I have a big launch coming up later this year for Virtual Summit Mastery.

I will work hard on this for the next few weeks and months to come. Very high priority!

I would take a look at my friend John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire and Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich. They both have amazing systems in place in their business, and they have a great funnel too with many different offerings.

If you're just starting out, I would recommend taking a look at Primoz Bozic since he automated his entire follow up sequence using AWeber, and getting sales while he sleeps for his program.

3. Finish recording my Virtual Summit Mastery Program

This has a top priority to finish by the end of May/beginning of June since I'm doing a major launch this fall with affiliates.

I have the entire course mapped out to take them through my 7 steps to create, promote and profit form a virtual summit in about 10 modules.

It will be a video course with me talking over slides, exclusive bonus content, cheat sheets, work sheets, planners and much, much more!

This will truly the ultimate resource for creating a successful virtual summit in your niche, with an amazing and very supportive community as well which is priceless!

4. Finish slides for exclusive Virtual Summit Webinar

I actually already started with this a bit, but I need to finish my Virtual Summit Webinar slides by the end of April/beginning of May. I have a promotion coming up for my Virtual Summit Mastery program and I'm excited to fine tuning everything in the next month or so.

5. Get sales page done for Virtual Summit Mastery

As I mentioned above, this is something that is top priority for me. My designer will have an amazing sales page completed by the end of April/beginning of May that we can use for a mini promotion for my flagship program, Virtual Summit Mastery.

6. Get 1-2 high end consulting clients I can use as case studies for Virtual Summits

This shouldn't be that hard. I literally get people contacting me every week, and want to work with me one-one-one or join my pilot program for creating, promoting and profiting from a virtual summit.

I say NO to most people that reach out regarding working with me one-one-one, because I only work with people who are 100% committed and will do the work it takes to put together a successful virtual summit. Why? Because I really care about my clients, and live for case studies and referrals from them!

7. Start writing on my book on how to create, promote and profit from a virtual summit

This is actually something that I've been thinking about for quite some time, but haven't had the time for yet.

After I spoke to my friend Chandler Bolt (founder of Self-Publishing School) recently, I realized that I can probably get a book out there sooner than I first had in mind.

How come?

Since I'm already in the process of creating a course about how to create, promote and profit from a virtual summit, I can just take all this content, and repurpose it into an amazing book on this topic.

I obviously need to map this out more in the next few months, but I might be able to get the book out there before my product launch of Virtual Summit Mastery. The book can be a massive lead gen for my program, which could bring in 1,000's of dollars in sales later on.

Something else that crossed my mind before is doing a crowd-funding campaign for my book. I will for sure do something like that in the future, possibly even for my first book.

The most important thing for my first book is that it becomes a #1 Amazon Bestseller, and I have the #1 book on virtual summits which I'm pretty confident that I can achieve.

I will share more details on my book writing journey in future reviews.

I will continue working hard and keep doing my thing. It seems to pay off so far, and my Branding Summit and Business Insider article definitely gave me a lot of exposure that I can leverage to get ever bigger opportunities.

I will share more about this and some strategies I'm testing, in the next review.

9. Promote Natalie Sisson, Ramit Sethi and Selena Soo

Natalie Sisson's Freedom Plan Program

It all started with Natalie's 30 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge October 2013. Without this blog challenge, I wouldn't be able to write 1,000's of words of in-depth content. During this challenge, I wrote 40,000+ words in about 20 days. Quite crazy ha!?

But I was also able to find my voice a lot more, and that's one of the reasons I'm here today. I'm happy to promote Natalie's Freedom Plan Program because I know how valuable it is, and how much work she put into creating this.

Part of this challenge, I wrote out my Perfect Day in October 2013, and when I was reflecting over everything I've accomplished recently, I'm actually living my perfect day now pretty much which is very cool. I will write an updated version of my perfect day soon, since some things has changed since then, but the overall theme is the same, and I'm living my dream, while taking my business and life to the next level.

Natalie is sharing more about how you can create your perfect day and much more in her awesome free video series, and even more in-depth in her Freedom Plan Program.

Video Optin Thumbnail - What is Freedom

I don't have any specific goals other than doing better than the last promo I did for her in September 2014, when I got 3 sales. If I can get 5-10 sales, I would be more than pleased.

Ramit Sethi's Zero to Launch

As I mentioned above, I exceeded my wildest dreams and expectations with the last promotion for Ramit's Zero to Launch.

I don't know if I will do as well with the next promotion which is happening later this month, April 2015. He also has another big push coming up in July I believe.

I will just do as much as I can do add value to Ramit, by possibly interviewing some of his most successful students that got results from ZTL and feature them in my newsletter or blog. There's many ways to connect with my audience, but stories tend to work the best for me.

So far, I've done new interviews with Primoz Bozic and Felicia Spahr, exclusively for this launch, and they share some extremely valuable information (it's not only promo interviews but also very useful stuff even for people who don't purchase which was my goal). I might be able to do 1-2 more interviews until Ramit's launch starts.

Anyway, I'm excited to see where it goes, and I know I will top the promo I did for Ramit in January some time in the future... if that will be already in April, I'm not sure... I just know it will happen eventually, because ZTL is the best online business training out there... hands down.

Selena Soo's Get Known, Get Clients

After promoting Selena's INFLUENCE, I actually managed to get two sales for her high end course, Get Known, Get Clients (GKGC), which I'm pretty excited about. The person that get 10 sales first, will win 5,000 dollars!

Since this is a 3,000 dollar course, I don't know how many sales are realistic, but I will do my best to promote it, since I'm a proud member of GKGC myself, and found amazing value from what Selena teaches in her course.

I will interview some of Selena's most successful students for this launch as well like I did for Ramit Sethi in the very beginning when I started promoting Zero to Launch as an affiliate.

The promotion starts end of April/beginning of May, and I will let you know when you can sign up for some free training and exclusive webinar with Selena.

11. Create and complete my daily routine (and sticking to it)

I've been trying to get back to this daily routine ever since I was living in Stockholm, but had a hard time doing it every day.

When I moved abroad, it got a bit easier actually, but I still haven't done it every day. Now, from quarter 2 of 2015 moving forward, I want to commit to creating my perfect morning ritual and daily routine, so I can become super productive, and get even more done in my business in less time. That means I will have more time to explore and do some cool adventures in my free time as well.

It's all about finding the right balance, and working smarter, not harder!

Each day I will:

  • Have a big glass of water the first thing I do when I wake up.
  • Go for a nice run on the beach or swim for 30-60 min in the pool
  • Have a healthy breakfast, with fresh fruit, eggs and smoothie.
  • Do a high intensity workout, and some stretching.
  • Create content for my Virtual Summit Mastery Program (which will also turn into my first book later) until completed.
  • Read or listen to something that will help me in my business right now (for example study product launches).
  • Find time to do something that's not business related, for example go on adventures and spend time with friends.
  • Reflect over the day, what I'm grateful for, and then plan tomorrow today (just write down my most important tasks to get done the next day) before I go to bed every night.

In this daily routine I will also mix in learning Spanish and taking Salsa classes. Spanish I will get to practice every day since I'm living in Cancun, and Salsa, 1-3 times per week, which should be enough to improve and get really good over time.

I might also add in meditation for 5 minutes every day, but for now this is what my daily routine looks like.

Navid Workout

High intensity workout at the gym in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Thanks Natalie Sisson for taking a paparazzi photo of me ;)

Smoothie lover

Fresh smoothies every day! Navid special ;)

I personally like to wake up early, between 6-7am in the morning, and get my morning routine done, and then complete my most important tasks in my business before lunch time if possible, so I can have the afternoons free for other things.

With that being said, during launches for example, I will probably work even more hours than I normally do, but I have the freedom to take time off if I want to, or jump on a plane to see a friend in NYC tomorrow if I wish. That's the power of building a location independent online business you can run from anywhere in the world.

Do you have a daily routine? What does your morning ritual and daily routine you stick to every day?

Feel free to share in the comments section!

Other Things Worth Mentioning

2 Years Ago Since My Younger Brother Passed Away

Here's a video I shot from Pacific beach, San Diego in his memory:

I initially posted it on Facebook, which you can see below:

Today, April 4, 2015 is a very special day...It's exactly two years since my younger brother Simon passed away, just 22 years old.A lot has obviously happened since then... I went from nothing to a successful online business and living my dream.I get to hangout with amazing people like John Lee Dumas, Kate Erickson, Natalie Sisson, Catherine Newton, Omar Zenhom, Nicole Baldinu, Chandler Bolt, and connect with many more friends here.And on top of that I was invited out for lunch by one of my virtual mentors and someone I admire, Ramit Sethi in LA... super stoked about that of course!All this didn't happen by chance... My brothers sudden death 2 years ago gave me like a superpower and I decided to make things happen no matter what... And I did after putting in the work for a long time before things took off with my virtual summit end of 2014.There's no failure if you don't give up on your dreams. There's only feedback to get better and try different things until you make it work for you.This quick video, from beautiful Pacific Beach, San Diego is shot in my brother's memory. R.I.P. Simon (I miss you!)Posted by Navid Moazzez on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Meeting Ramit Sethi for lunch in LA

Yes, Ramit Sethi himself invited me out for lunch in LA, on April 17. I'm so excited about this opportunity to finally meet someone I admire and look up to, in person.

Ramit Email

And it all started with me featuring him in an expert round up post (thanks to my good friend Michael Alexis) and then interviewing his successful student Primoz Bozic.

After that I became an affiliate for Zero to Launch, and have had some amazing success, especially after the latest launch when I won his grand cash prize and got the most sales out of all affiliates.

I will make sure to report what went down during our conversation (as long as it's not confidential of course) in an upcoming blog post or the next review I write.

Traveling to Hong Kong

April 18, I'm going to Hong Kong for the first time for a few days. I just booked my flight from LA to Hong Hong, and I'm pretty excited.

In the next review I'll make sure to report more on exactly what went down, including awesome photos and videos of course.

Most likely I'll be staying at Hotel-Icon, because I've heard so many good things about it and I also got a pretty sweet deal for a few nights.

Moving back to Cancun

As I mentioned above I'm moving back to Cancun very soon, April 29. I fell in love with Cancun and the surroundings like Isla Mujeres (15 min by ferry from my place) Playa Del Carmen and Tulum, it's like paradise to me.

And as I'm writing this detailed review, I'm just about to get a pretty awesome apartment in Cancun on the 10th floor with breathtaking view of the Caribbean sea and a big swimming pool. I can't wait!

My new place in Cancun, with a breathtaking view and amazing swimming pool!

Now It's Your Turn!

If you made it through the entire post (Yes, I know it was quite long!), I really appreciate you. Did you enjoy the combination of text, photos and some videos? Would you like to see more of this stuff in the future? Let me know!

What do you have planned for April and the next quarter? How can I better serve you to help you achieve greatness in your business and life?

Leave your goals in the comment section and check back at the end of the month (and quarter 2) and share your results.

Until next time... stay inspired!

- Navid

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