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My Epic Business & Lifestyle Review (Quarter 2 - 2015)

Welcome to Navid Moazzez's Epic Business & Lifestyle Review for quarter 2, 2015, the insights and adventures of a lifestyle entrepreneur.

Navid Moazzez
Navid Moazzez
30 min read

Table of Contents

Welcome to my Business & Lifestyle Review for Quarter 2, 2015.

Each quarter I'm going to write a very detailed review how I did when it came to achieving the previous quarterly goals both in business and my persona life.

I do this not only to help me track my own progress, but I want to be as transparent as possible about what's going on in my business and life. I want to lead by example by showing you what's working for me, and what's not - both in business and when it comes to my lifestyle/traveling. And I do all this by telling stories in writing, photos and video.

Check out my Epic Biz & Lifestyle Review for Q1 here.

In each quarterly report I'll cover the following topics:

  • Did I hit my quarterly goals?
  • Lessons learned during this quarter
  • Revenue/expenses (full breakdown of revenue/expenses may come in future reviews)
  • Lifestyle design & travel check
  • Plans for next quarter
  • Other things worth mentioning

Without further ado, let's get into my first ever Business and Lifestyle Review for quarter 2, 2015. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Warning! This is a 7,392 word in-depth blog post covering everything I've done for the past 3 months, the lessons I learned and goals for next quarter, mixed with text, a lot of photos and some videos. Enjoy, and do let me know what you think in the comments please!

Did I Hit My Goals For Q1?

My 11 goals for Q2 were:

  1. Survey my audience
  2. Set up my funnel properly with Infusionsoft
  3. Finish recording my Virtual Summit Mastery program
  4. Finish slides for exclusive Virtual Summit Webinar
  5. Get sales page done for Virtual Summit Mastery
  6. Get 1-2 high end consulting clients I can use as case studies for virtual summits
  7. Start writing on my book on how to create, promote and profit from a virtual summit
  8. Get featured on bigger podcasts and online publications
  9. Promote Natalie Sisson, Ramit Sethi and Selena Soo
  10. Create and complete my daily routine (and sticking to it)

1. Survey my audience

I didn't actually send out the survey yet to my audience, so in some way I failed with this goal.

However, I did set up my new funnel with Infusionsoft (see below) where I encourage people to tell me what they're struggling with and respond to my emails (even more than before).

I will send out an annual survey at some point this year to my audience, but not sure when I will send it out. I have prepared most of the survey, but right now my biggest focus is on launching my Virtual Summit Mastery later this fall, and I already have proof of concept that this is what people in my audience want, because of my pilot students, case studies, and 100's of people asking me about it.

2. Set up my funnel properly with Infusionsoft

I accomplished this goal just in time for writing this quarterly review.

Why did it take me so long to get this done and move everything over from AWeber?

Well, now that I just decided to do it, it wasn't as complex as I first thought, especially after getting some awesome help from Infusionsoft expert Roger Graves Jr. I couldn't have done it without him... if you're just getting started with Infusionsoft, I highly recommend him.

Here's a little snapshot of what my current sequence looks like when you sign up somewhere on my site for my Virtual Summit Mastery Cheat Sheet PDF or one of my content upgrades.

Note From Navid (late 2018): I no longer use Infusionsoft (now Keap), and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I currently use ConvertKit (I switched from ActiveCampaign recently) and it works extremely well for us at the moment.

Navid Opt-in Sequences

My opt-in sequences in Infusionsoft Campaign Builder.

Navid Welcome Sequence

My current welcome sequence.

3. Finish recording my Virtual Summit Mastery Program

This was a big goal of mine, that I actually didn't accomplish for many different reasons.

After I moved to San Diego, it was a bit hard for me to get focused, and then when I moved back to Cancun end of April, I didn't have an internet connection so I had other things to think about.

Now I'm finally back on track with everything and working extremely hard to make this the BEST program and step-by-step system out there for creating, promoting and profiting from a virtual summit to skyrocket your business and brand online.

While you wait for the official launch of VSM, check out some epic virtual summits my pilot students are putting together:

Self-Publishing Success Summit

I've been working with Chandler Bolt since early May on The Self-Publishing Success Summit to make it "the online event of the year"... and I'm proud to say that we crushed it!

Our initial goal was to get 10,000 opt-ins in total for the summit. Well... we are approaching 25,000 opt-ins now, and we currently have 1,070+ sales. YES, we hit 6 figures from an epic virtual summit!

A big case study on how we did all this is coming soon... but it all started with Chandler downloading my epic Virtual Summit Mastery Blueprint PDF, trusting and following through the system.

Traffic Generation All-Stars

Traffic Generation All-Stars

My good friend, Anthony Tran has brought together a fantastic line up of online entrepreneurs for his summit, Traffic Generation All-Stars.

I personally love the branding, and I highly encourage you to sign up to his summit to watch some of the interviews... and if you're interested in creating a summit yourself, pay attention to his branding, especially the videos... they look very professional!

I remember speaking to Anthony about what topic/niche he would pick... he decided to follow my advice to go more niche and specific, rather than broad.

When it comes to defining your profitable virtual summit theme (step 1 in my 7-step system), niche summits almost always does better than very broad summits (like Online Marketing Summit for example).

A fantastic example of a niche summit is The Self-Publishing Success Summit I created together with Chandler, and we get a very high opt-in rate + sales, speakers promoting it to their audiences etc.

The Appreneur Summit

The Sales Funnel Summit

I love what Charlyn Keating did wit The Appreneur Summit... the power of going super specific with your niche!

Here's what she has to say about me and VSM:

When I first saw Navid’s Branding Summit, I was blown away. I knew right then I needed to follow his model and do a virtual summit for mobile app and game developers. I had a very small list and few contacts in the industry. Navid helped me put together a strategy to get the right expert speakers and walked me through the technology I needed to pull off a massive worldwide event. By the time my summit launched, I was able to grow my email list 15x, with people in 87 countries. I’m now regarded as an influencer in my industry, and I count some of the leaders in the field as my personal contacts. The summit was featured in Business Insider, App Marketing Weekly, Appmasters and other influential publications. I couldn’t have done it without Navid’s guidance and support. His Virtual Summit Mastery gave my career an incredible boost!

The Sales Funnel Summit

Appreneur Summit

The Sales Funnel Summit is created by fellow VSM member Lauri-Ann Ainsworth. She managed to get some incredible speakers onboard like Ryan Levesque, Russel Brunson, Kevin Rogers, Danny Iny, and many more!

When she first came to me, her idea was to do more of an "Online Marketing Summit", which is very broad. She decided to go with The Sales Funnel Summit, which is much better.

As I mentioned above, rather go niche and specific, and focus on a topic you have an interest in and would like to position yourself as an expert in.

The WP Summit

Here's what Jan Koch has to say about me and VSM:

"I grew my email list by 600% and became the go-to WordPress expert for online entrepreneurs.Navid's training program Virtual Summit Mastery helped me pull off one of the biggest virtual summits on WordPress, the WP Summit.The event got 1,100+ attendees from 110+ countries and earned a few thousand dollars in revenue. It helped me get featured on SEMrush, GoDaddy Garage, WP Engine, and other well-renowned platforms.Without Virtual Summit Mastery, I would have never been able to grow the summit this big. Being the host of the WP Summit opened a number of opportunities I was dreaming of ever since I started my online business.Thank you Navid!”

If you would like to read more about The WP Summit and what it did for Jan's business, check out these posts:

Not convinced a virtual summit will work for you yet? Read this post:

The Movement Marketing Summit

Movement Marketing Summit

I worked with Aj Amyx and Andy Zitzmann on The Movement Marketing Summit from January to April this year.

The summit was a great success, and they got around 2300+ opt-ins and close to 140 sales plus a lot of business after the summit ended.

4. Finish slides for exclusive Virtual Summit Webinar

Since I pushed the launch of Virtual Summit Mastery till September 2015, I decided that I will get the slides done sometime in August.

I already have most of the structure done, and my designer created a nice template in Keynote I can use.

5. Get sales page done for Virtual Summit Mastery

Believe it or not, the sales page for Virtual Summit Mastery is more or less done. Just a few tweaks here and there, and my designer will make the integration very soon. Super excited about this!

What's interesting is that I wrote most of the copy for the sales page in one day... and that's after procrastinating for at least a month or two.

6. Get 1-2 high end consulting clients I can use as case studies for virtual summits

Even though I didn't put much effort into actively finding new high end consulting clients, I took on one exciting new project when Chandler Bolt contacted me.

After he thought about it for a few days, he reached back out to me, and we decided to go all in and create the summit of the year... The Self-Publishing Success Summit (see above). The results speak for themselves.... we CRUSHED all our goals big time!

7. Start writing on my book on how to create, promote and profit from a virtual summit

I actually put this project on hold until I get my Virtual Summit Mastery program completed.

Then I will turn my extremely in-depth online course, into a bestselling book. The book itself will serve as great lead generator for my high end program as well, and be an entry level offer in my funnel which is currently missing.

I didn't actively have time to seek out that many opportunities myself, but fortunately some came to me organically.

Business Insider

Yes, I was featured on Business Insider again in May in a roundup post together with some other friends and influencers. This article has 156,000+ views right now!

Check it out here!

Business Insider Roundup

What's interesting to note is that my first feature on Business Insider is still getting tons of views, and bringing me more email subscribers. It went up by almost 30,000 views since my last quarterly review post... currently 160,000+ views, pretty impressive ha?!

Navid Business Insider Feature

This Business Insider article alone brought me 2,000+ email subscribers, and I still get sign ups and traffic to this day!


I was only a guest on one podcast, the Entrepreneur 360 by Yannick Illunga (I believe I recorded it in quarter 1 but it went live in June), mostly because I was traveling quite a bit during quarter 2. That's about to change as I move into quarter 3 and I already have a few scheduled that I'm very excited about.

Virtual Summits

  • Traffic Generation All-Stars
  • The Sales Funnel Summit
  • Movement Marketing Summit

Other Interviews

  • Exclusive interview for Zero to Launch Accelerator - Primoz Bozic interviewed me about my process for creating and promoting epic guides (and expert roundup posts)... turned out really epic. The interview is currently only available for ZTLA students and students in my Virtual Summit Mastery program.

9. Promote Natalie Sisson, Ramit Sethi and Selena Soo

Natalie Sisson's Freedom Plan Program

My goal was to get 5 sales for promoting Natalie Sisson's Freedom Plan program.

Not only did I get 8 sales, but I also became her #1 affiliate for getting the most sales for the launch. Hope to do even better on the next one, and I'm a proud member of Natalie's program myself!

Ramit Sethi's Zero to Launch

I promoted another round of Ramit Sethi's Zero to Launch in April, and as expected I didn't do as well as in January when I got 34 sales and won the grand cash prize as his #1 affiliate.

I got around 9 sales for the promo in April, and I'm quite happy with the results considering the last one wasn't too long ago.

Worth mentioning is that I get $800-$1400 in commission per sale, which adds up even if I only get a few of them.

I tend to get a sale here and there every once in a while without doing anything. They sign up via my link through a blog post, find a video interview on YouTube etc, and then within 60 days buy Zero to Launch, and I get commissions. Love when that happens... thank you Ramit!

Selena Soo's Get Known, Get Clients

After becoming Selena Soo's #1 affiliate for the launch of her online course, INFLUENCE, I was very excited for promoting her high-end program, Get Known, Get Clients to my audience (GKGC).

Even though I started the promotion kind of late (mostly due to not having internet in my apartment in Cancun!), I still managed to get quite a lot of leads from sending just one initial email.

Selena offered a detailed free report of how she went from $0-157k in her first year of business, and my audience loved it... and the opt-in rates were very high. I believe I sent her a few 100 leads from this first email alone to my list.

Then I ramped up the promotion a little bit, and also offered a few bonuses for signing up via my affiliate link as I usually do for affiliate promos of this kind.

My initial goal was to be the first person that got to 10 sales because then I would also win Selena's grand cash prize of $5,000 ... and I won, super proud of this (and for being able to support Selena with her launch of course).

I got 13 sales in the end on a $3,000-$3,600 high-end program which is incredible.

I'm looking forward to many more partnerships with Selena, and she will also help me get the word out there for my Virtual Summit Mastery program when I finally launch it to the public later this year.

11. Create and complete my daily routine (and sticking to it)

Creating and completing my daily routine (and sticking to it) was a big goal of mine, and I'm proud to say that I did it almost without failure.

If you ask most successful entrepreneurs, they will tell you that their morning ritual is one of the biggest keys to success in business and life.

And I agree with them... I'm so much more productive now, and get even more done in my business in less time than before, while feeling better than ever before. I'm working hard in my business right now, but I still have time to explore and do some cool adventures as well.

It’s all about finding the right balance, and working smarter, not harder!

Here's what my current daily routine tend to look like:

  • Have a big glass of water the first thing I do when I wake up.
  • Meditation for 5-10 minutes on my terrace, overlooking the Caribbean Sea and watching the sunrise.
  • Go for a nice run on the beach or swim for 30-60 min in the pool
  • Have a healthy breakfast, with fresh fruit, eggs and smoothie.
  • Do a high intensity workout, and some stretching.
  • Work on the launch of my Virtual Summit Mastery program
  • Read or listen to something that will help me in my business right now (for example study product launches).
  • Find time to do something that’s not business related, for example go on adventures and spend time with friends.
  • Reflect over the day, what I’m grateful for, and then plan tomorrow today (just write down my most important tasks to get done the next day) before I go to bed every night.

Something I will also get started with more and more, is mixing in learning Spanish every morning for 30 minutes. If I stick to this every day, I will improve my Spanish a lot over a couple of months since I can also practice with locals in Cancun.

I personally like to wake up early, between 6-7am in the morning, and get my morning routine done, and then complete my most important tasks in my business before lunch time if possible, so I can have the afternoons free for other things.

With that being said... it's ok if it's not always perfect. During product launches, I will probably work even more hours than I usually do, but I have the freedom now to take time off if a friend comes to visit or go to NYC for a couple of days to attend a business meet-up... that's the power of building a location independent business around your lifestyle you can run from anywhere in the world with as little as a laptop and an internet connection.

Do you have a daily routine? What does your morning ritual and daily routine you stick to every day?

Feel free to share in the comments section!

5 Lessons Learned During Quarter 2

1. Don't make anything distract you from your daily routine.

2. When I complete my daily routine every day, I feel much better and get a lot more done in my business. At the same time I also have more time to do fun adventures, go on a business trip to NYC, or spend time with my friends when they come to visit me in Cancun.

3. I can make a lot of money in my business if I front load the work, and then reap the benefits later.

I can definitely say that I've seen this. In the month of May alone I made over $20k, and I barely worked at all... but people tend to only see the success, and not all the hard work leading up to this.

4. I'm a catch! Period!

What do I mean by that?

Well... to some it may sound kind of "arrogant"... I get that but I don't care what other people think of me at all.

After a conversation with Todd Herman when I told him that I may not go to NYC at all because I wanted to stay in Cancun and focus on my business after I ended it with a girl I was seeing... he said "Navid, you're a catch... always remember that".

I always knew this too... but it felt great hearing it from someone else, and he gave me the extra push I needed to start crushing it in business and life again... and I went to NYC for 9 days which was the BEST trip of the year.

5. Some things take more time than you first think they will. That's why planning is absolutely key, in order to get things done sooner rather than later.

To give you an example, I struggle at first to move from AWeber to Infusionsoft, but when I finally decided to go all in, I set everything up within a week or two.

Revenue & Expenses (full breakdown is coming at some point)

As I mentioned in my first business & lifestyle review for quarter 1 this year, I made over $70k without putting in that much work. With that being said, I put in a lot of hard work up front, and then it kind of started to snowball more and more.

I will also do a full breakdown of revenue and expenses since I started out online mid June 2013, but that has to wait a little bit because I haven't had time to sit down and do all of that yet... ;)

I didn't make as much quarter 2 for several reasons:

1. In January alone I made over $40k and I didn't expect that happening again unless I did a product launch. Most of this also came from a very successful promotion I did for Ramit Sethi's Zero to Launch.

2. I didn't have great systems in place, and was in a transition phase, moving from AWeber to Infusionsoft which wasn't completely painless in the beginning. Now everything is set up properly and I can focus on other things like launching my Virtual Summit Mastery program which will bring in a lot of money in my business.

While I didn't make as much in quarter 2, I still averaged over $10k every single month. And quite frankly, I barely worked at all.

Could have made more? No doubt... but I had some other things on my mind which I will get into below in the lifestyle & travel check section.

So where did the revenue come from?

I made most of it from affiliate partnerships with Ramit Sethi, Selena Soo and Natalie Sisson.

For example in May I made over $20k through promoting Selena Soo's high end program, Get Known, Get Clients. And as I mentioned above, I also became her #1 affiliate and won the grand cash prize of $5,000 which I will be getting soon.

I didn't actively promote my Virtual Summit Mastery pilot program that much at all, but I get at least a few requests per week via email, and some turned into paying customers as well.

I also decided to not take on many coaching/consulting clients, because I took on a very big project with The Self-Publishing Success Summit as a partner with Chandler Bolt. While I didn't get paid a lot up front, I knew this could turn into something incredible.... and I was right! Not only am I getting an amazing case study, but I should be getting a pretty decent payout as well after the summit ends.

My business expenses are still fairly low compared to how much I'm making. I try to invest more and more back into my business as well when it comes to design and getting transcripts done for my Virtual Summit Mastery program, etc. I'm also looking to build my team a bit soon, like hiring a virtual assistant, and later on a copywriter.

Note: Not all of this is actual cashflow in my business, but money I will get throughout the year since some are on monthly payment plans.

Lifestyle Design & Travel Check

I've been living abroad now for about 7 months, and I'm loving it... no intention of moving back to Sweden.... EVER.

Yeah, that's right. I'm currently living my dream. This lifestyle is what I worked so hard to achieve, and now I have it.

I'm all about getting a little bit better each and every day, and keep growing in all aspects of your life... so I definitely have a lot of things left I would like to accomplish, but I couldn't be happier the way I've managed to design my business around my lifestyle, and not the other way around.... in other words, a true lifestyle entrepreneur!

San Diego

Overall I had a really good time in San Diego living in a house in Pacific Beach together with two fellow lifestyle entrepreneurs, Natalie Sisson and Catherine Newton.

I could have probably had an even better time if I wouldn't have talked to this girl in Cancun during this time. I don't regret anything, but looking back, I wish I would have done way more stuff in SD, both business and lifestyle related.

On the good side... I got to meet some amazing people, and I can always go back there whenever I want in the future.

Sailing in San Diego Bay

Thanks Rick Day for a taking us on an awesome sailing adventure in San Diego Bay... one of the best things I did during my time in SD for sure.

Sailing San Diego
Sailing SD
Navid Natalie
Navid Sailing
The crew... amazing day, Sailing in San Diego Bay!

The crew... amazing day, Sailing in San Diego Bay!

Mastermind At Our House

The Sunday after I came back to San Diego from Hong Kong, we also hosted a little mastermind at our house in Pacific Beach with some friends and inspiring entrepreneurs like Jesse Krieger, Natalie Sisson, Chandler Bolt, Yaro Starak, Walter Hass, and the guy who is running some of Eban Pagan's businesses, James (forgot his last name).

Mastermind SD

Mastermind with some inspiring entrepreneurs at our Pacific Beach crib in SD!

Meeting Yaro Starak In Person

Yaro Starak, also stayed a few nights at our house in SD, and it was great to finally meet him in person since I interviewed him both for my podcast and The Branding Summit before.

Breakfast San Diego

Breakfast in Pacific Beach, SD together with Yaro Starak, Walter Haas and Natalie Sisson!

Lunch with Ramit Sethi in LA

After I became the #1 affiliate for Ramit Sethi in January, he invited me to have lunch with him in LA. Of course, I was super excited to finally meet someone I admired for so long.

Here's the invitation email he initially sent me:

Ramit Email

Since I was going to Hong Kong at midnight the same day, I packed my bags in the morning, and then Ramit's affiliate manager, Colleen, picked me up in front of my house in Pacific Beach, SD to drive me to LA.

We arrived to the hip restaurant Hinoki & the Bird, downtown LA around noon. It was a really cool place with outstanding food.

Before Ramit arrived, I didn't really know what to expect. He arrived right on time, and even though he's super successful, it felt just like hanging out with a friend over lunch.

I learned a ton from just hanging out with Ramit for 2 hours or so over lunch, and he actually gave me some compliments for the high quality content I create for my audience (including these epic quarterly reviews).

Laura Roeder also stopped by for lunch, and it was great to meet her in person as well. I interviewed Laura both for my podcast already in late 2013, and for The Branding Summit in 2014.

Hong Kong

Right after my lunch with Ramit Sethi, I went to LAX, to wait for boarding my flight from LA to Hong Kong at midnight.

It has always been a dream of mine to travel to Hong Kong and explore everything it has to offer... one of the coolest cities I've ever been to... I will definitely be back at some point in the future!

I stayed at a very nice 5 star hotel called Hotel Icon in HK. In fact, it's ranked the #1 hotel in HK on Tripadvisor, part of the reason why I decided to stay there. If you can find a deal of 200-300 dollars per night, it's absolutely worth it for the experience.

Here's a video I shot from my hotel room at Hotel Icon on the 18th floor (they actually upgraded me later to a Harbour view room free of charge... amazing service, one of the best hotels I've ever stayed at!):

Here's some photos from my Hong Kong adventure (including a video from the peak):

Hong Kong Peak

Best view city view ever at The Victoria Peak in Hong Kong... by day!

Best view city view ever at The Victoria Peak in Hong Kong... by evening/night!

Best view city view ever at The Victoria Peak in Hong Kong... by evening/night!

Navid Rooftop

Chilling by the rooftop pool on floor 9 at Hotel Icon!

Hotel Icon Breakfast

5 star hotel breakfast...check!

Omelett Hotel Icon

Healthy breakfast every morning!

Cancun - My New Home (At Least For Now...)

So the day came, I left San Diego and moved back to Cancun April 29. I was very excited to finally move into my new home with an Olympic size swimming pool, gym and everything else I always dreamed of.

My awesome office in Cancun!

My awesome office in Cancun!

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster since I got back to Cancun. For the first 2-3 weeks I didn't have interntet in my apartment, so I had to work by the pool till late at night together with all the mosquitos... not that fun haha!

Then I ended it with a girl I was seeing before in Cancun. Everything seemed to be so perfect, and I was looking forward to spend some time with her.... but it's the best for both of us that we went separate ways in life and don't talk anymore.

I learned quite a bit from this experience alone (might share that at some point in another blog post). What's interesting to note is that I'm making so much more money in my business, and way more relaxed now than when I was seeing/talking to her, so it all worked out quite well for me in the end, even though I was sad at first of course since I didn't know anyone else in Cancun when I came back.

I decided that nothing can hold me back from achieving my biggest goals and dreams in life, and make some great changes, like waking up early every day, swimming and doing exercise in the morning, eating healthier than before, and got my drive back to focus on business 100% while still enjoying life. I even started to take private Salsa classes every day (took a break now for a few weeks, but I'm about to get started again soon).

Here's a video of my 140 square meter apartment in Cancun with a breathtaking ocean view:

Isla Mujeres

Since the paradise island, Isla Mujeres is just about 15 minutes away by ferry from where I live, I go there quite often, especially when my friends come to visit me.

Here's some photos (when Aleks and Petar Knezevic came to visit me in May and June):

Navid Surfboard
Navid Surfboard Pushup
Navid Petar
Navid Aleks
Navid Isla Mujeres

Xplor Adventure Park

There's so many fun things to do in Cancun, and I've been wanting to go to some of the adventure parks for quite some time.

When Petar and his girlfriend came to visit me, it was a perfect opportunity to go to Xplor for one day of fun and adventure.... probably the my favorite experience so far in Cancun!

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

Dinner With Friends and Night Out at Coco Bongo

Thai Dinner Cancun

New York City

Meeting Primoz Bozic

I've known Primoz Bozic since April 2014 when I interviewed him for my podcast, and I've seen his business explode in the last year or so.

I remember speaking with him on Skype every other week, and helping each other get to the next level. Now, that my business and brand skyrocketed in the last 7 months, I feel extremely grateful that we finally got to meet up in such a cool place as NYC.

Primoz and I, chilling at the Equinox rooftop!

Primoz and I, chilling at the Equinox rooftop!

Primoz Navid
NYC Dinner

Photoshoot with Katya Nicholas

It was about time I invested in taking some professional photos for my website and brand. A big update is coming soon to my site in the next few months... stay tuned!

Selena Soo recommended the amazing photographer, Katya Nicholas, so I decided to go ahead and hire her... and it has always been a dream of mine to do a professional photo shoot around NYC.... now I can check this off my bucket list too!

Behind the scenes... taking a look at the awesome photos Katya took.

Behind the scenes... taking a look at the awesome photos Katya took.

Here's some of the best photos from the photo shoot with Katya:

Navid Brooklyn Bridge 1
Navid Bridge 4
Navid Bridge 2
Navid hotel
Navid working
Navid Grafitti
Navid shirt
Navid view
Navid Wall
Navid Tunnel
Behind the scenes

And for all the ladies... behind the scenes shot on the streets of NYC!

(All right reserved, Copyright - Navid Moazzez)

Celebrated Selena Soo's 3-Year Business Anniversary

The evening started with an intimate dinner with Selena Soo, Ramit Sethi and Derek Halpern at a nice restaurant in NYC. Ryan Levesque was also supposed to be there, but he couldn't make it since he had to take care of his kids.

After the dinner, we went on to Selena's 3-year business anniversary celebration party at a bar close by.

I met up with some very inspiring people, and I was happy that I also got to meet Todd Herman as well (I interviewed him before on my podcast).

Here's some photos from Selena's 3-year business anniversary:

Navid and Selena
Marc, Navid and Primoz
Selena 3 Year Anniversary

Shot Professional Exclusive Video Interviews with Selena Soo

This is something Selena Soo and I have been talking about for quite some time. This exclusive video interview actually took place in Selena's awesome Manhattan apartment, on the 54th floor... most epic location I've ever done an interview from!

Selena interviewed me about my story and my best tips for building authentic, powerful relationships with influencers even if you're just starting out. Then, I interviewed Selena about her journey, how she grew her business so quickly in only 3 years.

Screenshot from one of the interviews!

This was the first time that I did a professional video interview shot by videographer. I hope to do many more of them, it's definitely different than a regular Skype interview, but so much fun... and the QUALITY is just amazing. The best part... it doesn't have to be that expensive. I believe we paid around 500 dollars for a couple of hours including editing.

Here's some behind the scenes photos:

Getting ready to shoot... behind the scenes!

View over Manhattan from Selena's apartment... pretty EPIC!

Zero to Launch Accelerator Meet-up

I was invited to this fantastic event organized by Primoz Bozic. There was many inspiring people there, and I got to meet a lot fellow ZTL students in person which was very cool

Ramit Sethi was also there for a bit, and did hot seats with a few selected people, with a Q&A at the end.

Then I was on a panel together with Selena Soo, Primoz Bozic, Naveen Dittakavi, Nagina Sethi and Marc Aarons, and we answered questions from other ZTLA students.

The entire event was filmed, and Katya Nicholas took a lot of great photos as well. I hope to be back in NYC soon to attend the next one!

Here's some photos from the event:

Mastermind Meet-up at The Roosevelt Hotel

I also attended a mastermind meet-up at The Roosevelt Hotel with some very successful entrepreneurs like Dorie Clark, Josh Turner, Don Gordon and a few others. Good times!

Met up with Charles Ngo

The interviews I've done with Charles Ngo in the past for my podcast and The Branding Summit are some of my favorite interviews of all time.

Even though I'm not into the type of affiliate marketing he does, I love his blog. He's one of the most inspiring people I know, and he got a killer daily routine he has perfected for years... I always learn a ton from him myself.

When I found out that we would be in NYC at the same time, I reached out to Charles, and we met up at one of NYC's best restaurants for dinner.

Met up with Jason Van Orden

Jason Van Orden and I go way back to the early days when I joined his and Jeremy Frandsen's Internet Business Mastery Academy program... well invested money, not only for what I learned, but also for the people I met in the community like Jan Koch who's now a very good friend of mine and we continue to help each other in our businesses to take things to the next level.

Jason contacted me while I was in NYC, and we decided to meet up after one of my workouts at Equinox.

He's working on developing a new personal brand, and wanted to pick my brain a bit about hosting his own virtual summit.

This is also an example how you can provide value to an influencer, by using your expertise and the knowledge you already have... in my case how to create, promote and profit from a virtual summit to skyrocket your business and brand online.

Jason Van Orden and I hanging out at Equinox NYC!

Jason also reached out to me a few days after I came back to Cancun, and asked if we needed more speakers for The Self-Publishing Success Summit. I made an intro to Chandler, and I managed to get Jason on the summit as well.

Be the champion of making introductions... people will LOVE you for it, and support you if you give them opportunities like this!

Working Out at Equinox NYC

Part of winning Selena Soo's affiliate competition for her INFLUENCE launch, I also won a spa package at Equinox Printing House. So awesome.... thank you Selena!

And I also worked out at Equinox Upper West Side.... thanks Chris Winfield for letting me in on your pass! I loved the outdoor track & field and the functional fitness area in this massive gym.

Quarter 3 Goals

1. Launch Virtual Summit Mastery

This is something I’ve been wanting to do all year, and now the official launch for VSM is finally happening in September 2015.

I already have a few hand picked affiliates on board like Selena Soo, Jan Koch, Aj Amyx, Natalie Sisson, Amber Vilhauer and Chandler Bolt (we’re doing a special promo to his audience in October).

I don’t have an official “revenue goal” with this launch, but it would be awesome to make at least 40-50k. Considering that the program starts at 997, I only need 40-50 sales to achieve it. If I stretch myself a little bit, it would totally rock if I can get 100 new members to the program this year. We’re around 70 members in the VSM pilot program right now.

Now to the hard work I have left to do leading up to the launch, like finishing creating all course content, preparing my launch emails, recording case study interviews with successful students, preparing promotional material for affiliates, getting the sales page, webinar and opt-in pages ready and so on.

It looks like it will be a busy, busy summer for me... but that's the life of a lifestyle entrepreneur. Work hard... play harder ;)

2. Get 1-2 high end consulting clients

I already have a few potential clients I'm speaking to, and it would be great to get at least 1 project like the one I just did with The Self-Publishing Success Summit, which will be great to use as a case study for my Virtual Summit Mastery program.

I don't actively seek out new consulting clients, and I only work with 6-7 figure business owners who want to take their business and brand to the next level and leverage the power of a virtual summit to do so.

This is an ongoing process, and I've always looking to get featured on places around the web which is high leverage, and most importantly a great fit for what I'm doing.

Here's a few podcasts I'm very excited to be a guest on soon:

Some bigger publications and podcasts I hope to get featured on at some point:

If you got an intro or know an editor to any of places above, please let me know. Since my story did so well in Business Insider, I have no doubt that what I have to share would do extremely well in those places too, and resonate with a lot of people.

4. Re-redesign/update my website

It's about time that I do a major design update on my website soon, especially considering that I just got new professional photos taken in NYC I can use to up my game significantly.

I've already started writing the copy for all the pages and giving my designer guidelines as we move forward with the design process.

We already did a change to my home page, and testing a shorter form page for now till we get the other pages on my site designed as well.

My new short form homepage!

My new short form homepage!

Other Things Worth Mentioning

B-Day Hangout From My Terrace

The 20th of May this year was my 29th birthday and I celebrated in style by hosting a live exclusive Google Hangout, and invited some good friends to join as well, like Nate Bunger, Jan Koch and Aj Amyx... good times!

Now It's Your Turn!

If you made it through the entire post, I really appreciate you. Did you enjoy the combination of text, photos and some videos? Would you like to see more of this stuff in the future? Let me know!

What do you have planned for July and the next quarter? How can i better serve you to help you achieve greatness in your business and life?

Leave your goals in the comments section and check back at the end of the month (and quarter 3) and share your results.

Until next time... stay inspired!

- Navid

💡 Self-Improvement🔍 Annual Review

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Navid Moazzez is a law school dropout turned lifestyle entrepreneur, creator, online marketing expert, investor, digital nomad and global citizen. Now he's teaching you all his best secrets.

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