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Jake Paul Net Worth 2023: How Much Does Jake Paul Make?

In this post, you'll find out more about Jake Paul net worth, early life, career, and much more. Learn how much money Jake Paul makes here.

Navid Moazzez
Navid Moazzez
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Many people around the world look up to Jake Paul as an inspiration. However, little is known about his life, Jake Paul net worth, and meteoric rise to fame; this post aims to change that.

His moniker, "The Problem Child," probably says everything you need to know about his struggles over the years.

This Ohio-born social media influencer has many scandals, including an FBI investigation and multiple lawsuits for sexual assault, unlawful assembly, and criminal trespass.

He has, however, used his scandals to make a name for himself on social media. In addition, he has received numerous teen choice awards and has a perfect professional boxing record of five wins.

Many people think they know Jake Paul, but in reality, they don't.

I'll be shedding some light on Jake Paul net worth, his career, how he spends and makes money, his ex-girlfriends, and a variety of other topics.

What Is Jake Paul's Net Worth & Salary in 2023?

Jake Paul has amassed quite a fortune with his exploits as a social media personality, musician, professional boxer, and actor. Jake Paul's net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $30 million.

Multiple sources claim that Jake Paul has a net worth of about $30 million - a claim that can't be faulted for multiple reasons.

First, he is regarded as one of the highest-earning YouTubers, with a gross income of about $20 million annually. With his 20.4 million Youtube subscribers, this figure is very plausible.

He has also earned millions of dollars from his professional boxing exploits over the years.

For example, MMA Junkie claims he was paid about $2 million for his rematch with Tyron Woodley - a fight he won and allegedly got an extra $500,000 for winning by knockout.

Jake also won about a million dollars for his fight against British Youtuber, AnEsonGib.

However, despite his impressive valuation by the press, Jake Paul claims he's worth a lot more.


Jake Paul

Net Worth

$30 million

Date of BirthJanuary 17, 1997



Country of Origin

United States of America (USA)

Source of Wealth

YouTube, Acting, Professional Boxing



Like most wealthy personalities, Jake's wealth didn't come all at once. Instead, it was a gradual process.

Jake Paul Net Worth Milestones Over Time


Net Worth


$11.5 million


$21.5 million


$40 million


$45 million

Who Is Jake Paul? Life Story and Wiki

Jake Paul Net Worth - Jake Paul Boxing

Jake Paul, AKA "The Problem Child," is a popular social media personality known for his professional boxing and YouTube exploits.

He's also quite notorious for multiple scandals over the years, but he has learned to use that to his advantage.

Jake is currently focusing on his career as a professional boxer. He shares clips of his fights and interacts with his fans on social media.

He currently has 4.2 million and 18.9 million followers on Twitter and Instagram, respectively. Jake also has over 7 billion YouTube views.

For the record, Jake didn't have it super easy. He didn't become the social media influencer, entrepreneur, and boxer extraordinaire we see today overnight.

He spent years creating relatable content on Vine and amassing millions of followers. Many of his contents included stunts in which he hurt himself multiple times.

He also started with amateur-level fights before going pro and unbeaten till now.

Jake Paul Biography

Born January 17, 1997, Jake Paul grew up with his brother, Logan Paul, and his parents in Cleveland, Ohio.

He started his entertainment career with comedy, pranks, tricks, stunts, controversies, and rap videos on Vine's popular video-sharing app.

Alongside his brother, Jake took social media by storm and had amassed a whopping 5.3 million followers and over 2 billion views before the app was discontinued.

Jake launched his YouTube channel in 2014, and just like he did on Vine, it became a roaring success. His social media fame on both platforms put him in a pole position to move further in the entertainment scene, and he did.

He played Dirk Mann on the popular Disney series, Bizaardvak, and it was an exhilarating ride until he lost the role in 2017.

In 2018, Jake had his first boxing action when he faced and defeated Oladeji Olatunji in 2017.

Since then, he has won all five of his professional boxing fights, winning four of them via KO.

Jake's dating life became public knowledge in 2016. According to reports, he dated Alissa Violet, a fellow YouTuber and social media personality, in 2016, broke up with her, and then dated Erika Costell in 2018.

He moved on to Tana Mongeau in April 2019. After announcing their engagement a few months later, they took things up a notch by exchanging vows in Las Vegas that same year.

The marriage ceremony was bogus since they didn't obtain a marriage license before the ceremony, and Nevada did not recognize the officiant. This relationship ended in January 2020, just like others.

Later that month, Paul started dating popular Instagram model Julia Rose, and they've been together ever since.

Jake Paul in Numbers

  • Jake Paul (YouTube channel): 20.4 million subscribers
  • Twitter: 4.2 million followers
  • Facebook: 5.8 million followers
  • Instagram: 18.9 million followers
  • TikTok: 15.9 million followers
  • Reddit: 3.5k followers
  • Twitch: 1.1k followers
  • Over 7 billion video views on YouTube
  • Over $40 million in revenue from boxing in 2021

Jake Paul YouTube Subscriber Milestones

Here's a timeline of Jake Paul's YouTube subscribers milestones and growth over the years


Subscriber count

December 23, 2016

 1 million subscribers:

January 26, 2017

 2 million subscribers

March 13, 2017

 3 million subscribers

April 9, 2017

 4 million subscribers

May 7, 2017

 5 million subscribers

June 6, 2017

 6 million subscribers

June 21, 2017

 7 million subscribers

July 8, 2017

 8 million subscribers

July 25, 2017

 9 million subscribers

August 18, 2017

 10 million subscribers

September 27, 2017

 11 million subscribers

November 26, 2017

 12 million subscribers

January 9, 2018

 13 million subscribers

March 9, 2018

 14 million subscribers

May 17, 2018

 15 million subscribers

August 1, 2018

 16 million subscribers

September 16, 2018

 17 million subscribers

February 16, 2019

 18 million subscribers

May 24, 2019

 19 million subscribers

April 14, 2020

 20 million subscribers

Early Life

Jake Paul grew up in a large, two-story home with a four-car garage and a large yard with his brother and parents, Gregory Allan Paul and Pamela Ann Stepnick.

He attended the prestigious Westlake High School in Ohio and Cleveland State University, where he kicked off his fighting career by competing in multiple wrestling competitions.

After high school, he launched his social media career on Vine and gained millions of followers within only two months.

And even after Vine was suspended, he went ahead to repeat the same feat on multiple platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.


Jake Paul kickstarted his fighting career when he was in high school. He trained and competed in multiple fighting competitions all the way to college, and he was pretty good at it.

However, he switched to social media influencing on Vine and YouTube for a while, where he and his brother created top-notch content.

But after a scandal that made his fans turn against him, Jake Paul decided to switch back to boxing.

He began with a fight against British YouTuber Oladeji Olatunji in August 2018. After winning the fight via a TKO in the fifth round, Jake found the confidence to pursue a professional fighting career.

With victories over UFC fighters Tyron Woodley, Ben Askren, and Nate Robinson, Jake has made himself a force to be reckoned with in the ring.

His professional boxing record of 5 wins out of 5, with 4 of them being KOs, is quite impressive too.

According to reports, he was supposed to fight Tommy Fury (Tyson Fury's younger brother), but the fight was called off due to medical issues on Tommy's side.

Jake Paul is believed to have broken the boxing industry according to Colins and Samir:

Aside from his boxing career, Jake Paul has also made giant strides in the entertainment industry, courtesy of his exploits on the silver screen. He was a producer and an actor and has received multiple awards for his efforts.

Currently, Jake is focused on his music. In 2020, he released multiple tracks, including "Fresh Outta London," "23," and "Dummy."

Jake Paul Highlights

Jake Paul's rise to stardom was filled with many twists and turns. In fact, many refer to it as chaotic.

However, some highlights and moments in his life influenced how he turned out, some of which are listed below:

  • Opening his Vine account in September 2013.
  • Launching his YouTube channel on May 15, 2014.
  • Securing his first acting role with Disney in 2016.
  • Launching Team 10, an influencer marketing agency, in January 2017.
  • Releasing his hit single "It's Everyday Bro" on May 30, 2017.
  • Winning his first professional fight in 2020.
  • Launching an anti-bully organization, "Boxing Bullies" in 2021.

How Does Jake Paul Make His Money?

Jake Paul has multiple income streams, most of which are public knowledge.

With over 20 million subscribers on YouTube, it is reported that Jake rakes in between $40,000 to $98,000 every month.

Jake Paul Net Worth - Jake Paul YouTube Channel

His professional fighting exploits have also netted him a sizable fortune, which he has confirmed by claiming he earned approximately $40 million from boxing in 2021.

With 4.2 million followers on Twitter and another 18.9 million on Instagram, it is safe to say that Jake makes a pretty penny off brand marketing, influencing, and advertisement.

Some of his hit songs, such as the RIAA Platinum-certified "It's Everyday Bro," must be printing him some money too. The track currently has almost 290 million YouTube views and is available on multiple streaming platforms.

Jake Paul must have made a good living from his acting career as well. He appeared in the popular Disney series, Bizaardvark and has featured in several TV shows, including All Access: Paul vs. Woodley in 2021.

He also has a merch product line, which must be making him a lot of money given his large fan base.

How Does Jake Paul Spend His Money?

From the suburbs of Cleveland to the squared circle and the social media big stage, Jake Paul has amassed quite the fortune. So it's no surprise that he's a big spender.

Jake Paul spent approximately $6.9 million on a truly spectacular Calabasas Mansion when he was only 20 years old. Later, he moved to Puerto Rico with his brother, paying a whopping $10 million for another jaw-dropping mansion.

Jake Paul Net Worth - How Jake Paul Spends His Money

When it comes to cars, Jake doesn't skimp. He owns a $380,000 Lamborghini Huracan Performante and a $143,000 Tesla X. His other expensive road beasts are a Toyota Tacoma and a Ford Focus RS.

Jake’s collection of watches is likewise pretty spectacular. He once purchased a $100,000 Audemars Piguet Diamond watch for himself. He also has a $100,000 Rolex Bust Down and a Gucci Grip "Mickey Mouse" watch.

Jake always goes all out when it comes to diamonds. He proposed to Tana Mongeau with an engagement ring worth approximately $125,000 and a diamond wedding ring worth about $300,000. He also purchased a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen for her.

Jake also has many high-end pieces of jewelry, as well as Diamon Grillz. He bought a $100,000 "Sleepy McGregor" necklace to taunt Conor McGregor.

Contrary to popular belief, Jake Paul has also performed some charitable acts. For example, in 2016, he fed about 500 people on Thanksgiving and provided shelter for approximately 50 Hurricane Harvey victims.

He also auctioned off his pricey "Sleepy McGregor" necklace to raise money for Dustin Poirer's "The Good Fight Foundation." And in 2019, he launched his "Boxing Bullies" foundation to help bully victims.

5 Keys to Success from Jake Paul

There's a lot we can learn from Jake Paul's rise to success.

Here are 5 success lessons from Jake Paul:

1. It is okay to start small

Jake Paul is regarded as one of Vine's early adopters and a major YouTube influencer, but he didn't get there overnight.

He and his brother, Logan, had been making funny videos in Cleveland since he was ten years old.

"We kept on growing our following and developed a natural ability to create these videos. I did it for a couple of years with virtually no success - I think our videos got 500 total views."

Over time, he built a great business out of something very small - the opposite of what many people today desire.

His fame and fortune did not appear overnight. Instead, it was a slow and steady process that began with almost nothing.

2. Take risks

"The biggest risk I've taken is saying, 'hey, I'm going to drop out of high school and fly to Los Angeles with nothing planned and not knowing anybody and see what can come from it."
"No one knew if Vine was going to work. I had no idea what the space would become. It was a huge risk."

Based on his accomplishments over the years and his substantial net worth, it is safe to say that his risk paid off.

He was under much scrutiny, and everyone was rooting for him to fail and return to Cleveland with his tail between his legs. But that didn't stop him from taking such a big gamble.

"The bigger the risk, the more inspired you are and the more inspired you are, the less the little stuff gets in the way, the fewer distractions get in the way, and the more you want to work."

Jake understood that with risk comes a fiery inspiration not to fail, and with that inspiration comes success. He knew that the fear of failure through risk-taking is enough fuel to succeed.

"People are scared of risk because it's hard, and it is." But what comes from it is happiness that lasts forever. Knowing that you did something that is remarkable and that you can talk about for the rest of your life… that is worth it."

Jake took multiple risks throughout his life and continues to do so. If Jake can, anybody can.

3. Be Innovative

Jake teaches the importance of recognizing a lucrative opportunity amid something innocuous.

"When I first started making videos, it was me and my brother and a couple other big Viners collaborating. And then we'd have random friends in video, and they'd hang around. And then you'd look one day, and they'd have half a million followers."

At this point, Jake saw an opportunity and decided to take things to the next level by signing fellow Viners to his Team 10 social media label.

The label's purpose would be to assist team members in growing their followers and, as a result, creating a marketing juggernaut for which brands would pay top dollar.

Jake saw it as a way to grow with his friends while also making money, whereas others only saw it as a way to have fun. He was creative, and you should be as well.

4. Position yourself for greatness

Jake was one of Vine's early adopters. He was able to quickly channel Vine's potential to create a massive online presence for himself thanks to his experience in making skits with his brother.

Many people were skeptical of Vine. They expected it to fail and, as a result, did not maximize its potential. Jake, on the other hand. He created relatable content on Vine and launched an early account.

Even after Vine's services were discontinued, his already established celebrity transitioned to other social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram relatively simple.

5. Be Diverse

If there's anything to pick out from Jake Paul's story, it's that he has always been involved in multiple disciplines.

He is an entrepreneur, actor, musician, professional fighter, and social media influencer. All of these fields aided him in becoming the success story he is today at some point in his life.

Jake Paul exemplifies the concept of not putting all of your eggs in one basket. Be adaptable and try new things; you might find that you enjoy them as well.

Jake Paul Motivational Video

Here's a motivational video by Jake Paul. It was uploaded on YouTube in 2016, and in it, he's essentially encouraging members of his audience who are feeling down not to give up.

Hopefully, you'll find some motivation from this blast from the past.

Famous Quotes from Jake Paul

Jake Paul has said many things on the record over the years, many of which are filled with wisdom. Here are a few examples:

"Nobody's life is perfect, and each individual will have their own struggles and stipulations."~ Jake Paul
"Social media stars are only relevant because they make content, so they can never stop doing that."~ Jake Paul
"YouTube is, at the end of the day, a search engine… that's why Google bought it."~ Jake Paul
"I feel like traditional artists feel like everything that they do has to be perfect and touched up, and it has to be about something that would be able to be played on the radio."~ Jake Paul
"I'm gonna forget all the negative press and focus on being the best version of myself."~ Jake Paul
"The internet won't skip a beat, and neither will I. Technology is constantly changing and evolving."~ Jake Paul
"Social media is kind of the same across the board, so you just have to know how to engage your audience, and you will be popular on any platform that comes up."~ Jake Paul
"I love Bane. I love the Joker. I love Batman." ~ Jake Paul
"I want to be one of the biggest social media stars to ever become an actor." ~ Jake Paul
"I get to do what I want. And I get paid millions of dollars to do it."~ Jake Paul
"Don't believe the fake media."~ Jake Paul
"I have made multiple videos telling fans not to come to our house. I feel like a zoo animal."~ Jake Paul
"You're only one video away from going viral and changing your life."~ Jake Paul

Random Facts About Jake Paul

Jake is a famous social media icon. It seems like everybody knows everything about him.

Well, here are some random facts about "The Problem Child" that you probably didn't know:

  • Jake Paul once trained to be a Navy Seal
  • Jake and famous American model, Eric Costella, once posted a fake wedding video on YouTube
  • Jake Paul does not have kids
  • He started creating quality Vine videos as part of a competition with his brother
  • He was a subject in an FBI investigation
  • Jake played a White House prank
  • In 2017, Jake and his friends once rented a $17,000 a month mansion in Los Angeles

Jake Paul Awards and Achievements

  • Social Media Star at the Radio Disney Music Awards in 2017
  • Choice Music Web Star at the Teen Choice Awards in 2017
  • Choice YouTuber at the Teen Choice Awards in 2017

Jake Paul Net Worth - FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Jake Paul net worth and his story.

Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is a professional fighter, social media personality, musician, actor, and entrepreneur from the USA.

What is the net worth of Jake Paul?

Jake Paul's net worth is estimated to be around $40 million.

What is Jake Paul famous for?

Jake Paul is famous for his comic and stunt YouTube videos and his knockout wins in the ring.

Jake Paul height: How tall is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul stands at the height of 1.85m (6.07 ft)

Jake Paul’s age: how old is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is 25 years old. He was born on January 17, 1997

Does Jake Paul have a girlfriend?

Yes, he started dating US actress and model Julian Rose in 2020

Jake Paul Net Worth & Wiki Summary

Jake Paul's net worth and story describes how to defy all odds to become a winner.

It is one filled with ups and downs, chaos and mistakes, and uncertainty, but you'll also agree that it's pretty inspiring.

So, which aspect of Jake Paul's life inspires you?

And do you follow him on social media? Or seen any of his viral videos?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

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